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I Am unable to get it to work with my new iPhone;

Reply by GZukes on Jun 30, 2011 5:59 AM Helpful

What application are you trying to print from?  If you are trying to print using AirPrint, currently only select HP printers will work directly via AirPrint.

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    What application are you trying to print from?  If you are trying to print using AirPrint, currently only select HP printers will work directly via AirPrint.

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    Thanks, I was afraid that would be the problem. 

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    There are other options though.  Some printer manufactures have free apps that will provide some printing capabilities.  There are other apps that provide printing capabilities to a wide varieties of printers, but may cost.  Search the App store for printer apps or a Canon app.


    There is another option to let you use AirPrint to print to a shared printer (computer that is sharing must be up and running) that has been discussed in the iPhone forums.  If you are interested search the forums for shared printers or let me know and I will post a link to a thread.

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    I've not found one in the App store though I will also call Canon directly in the next day or so.


    Both of my home printers are Canon MX's (700 & 870).  One is USB to my upstairs desktop computer, always on, and the other printer is wireless downstairs.  Printers are shared.


    If Canon cannot help me get the iPhone to print to my current printers I will probably buy an HP Laser Mono Printer (Wireless).

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    If you buy an HP printer make sure it is AirPrint capable.  Go to the following link for a list of AirPrint capable printers.  Please note that this list may not be up to date, so there may be more printers that are capable.




    If you want to consider using a shared printer and you have a Windows computer, go to the following link for more information.



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    Can't help but also having a problem with the MX 870.


    I have an Mx870 connected wirelessly to a DI-524 wireless router which connects to iMac via Airport.


    Took me ages to get it working, found I had to re-install MX870 to add a new network printer driver, then delete the USB driver.

    It has been running well since but suddenly stopped.


    I can't remember changing anything. I have tried to reinstall the software, as that worked last time but no joy, iMac just doesn't see the printer.


    When the printer is on, the IP address appears in the router, so it is making a connection to the router. Have now set a static address.


    Had had to revert to using a USB cable from iMac to printer to get it working.


    As a quick check, tried to connect directly (iMac to printer) wirelessly but can't seem to get that to work.


    In Netowork tried adding new Airport connection, thought it should detect the printer as a network, but it only shows the router.


    I remember connecting directly in the past but not sure how.


    Can anyone suggest something to try?


    Do I have to disconnect the airport from the router before it will detect the printer?

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    I had problems back in September where the iMac would not see it unless I removed and added it. Once I installed all the latest Canon MX870 software and drivers it worked for a while until about November. Now, I constantly have to stop and start the printer for the iMac to see it. In fact, today, I was scanning multiple pages to a single PDF and I had to turn the printer off and on for the Apple Image Capture software to see it as it would drop it from the device list after each scan.


    My Canon MX870 printer is connected via ethernet cable (i.e. not wireless). And, don't even get me started on the complete pain it was to ever use an iMac with a wireless printer nearly 2 years ago.   Overall, I'd have to say my experience using this Canon with an iMac has been no fun. Meanwhile, my wife who uses Windows 7 on our network never has these issues. 

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    I connected by USB and got the printer working fine, but had trouble scanning. I found I had to get a scanner driver from the Apple web site, which seemed odd as it wasn't on the Canon site.

    The driver seemed to be an old version and I could only get the scan to work by choosing Printers and Fax from the System Preferences.


    It would be good to get the wireless connection working again as it used to work fine. Perhaps there is a simple procedure for connecting the printer wirelessly. Like, set the printer to wireless then then configure the Airport (this way) then turn the airport on and select the printer.

    Perhaps I need to change the Mac Airport settings in some way so it sees the printer.