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HELP!!! My IPhone 4 is in recovery mode still. there is nothing on the screen, itunes reports in recovery mode try to restore, error 1601. Have deleted itunes in correct order, reinstalled still unable to restore, error 1601.Have done this sevrall times. Itunes keeps detecting the phone in recovery mode and I keep trying to restore. Tried recboot no joy, DOS programme from (blog.zaneer.com no joy. Deleted third party anti virus software Sophos, turned off firewall, no joy. tried different usb ports and usb cables, no joy. Desparate times now thinking of setting light to it and throwing it down a deep hole!!

iPhone 4, Windows Vista
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I think you should burn it all to ****!!

Reply by rockforde on Jun 30, 2011 9:30 AM Helpful

Get off and give someone a chance to help me!!.....................oh dear!

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