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i forgot my password on my ichat account. how do i get it back?

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    Go to your apps folder > utilities > keychain access and find you AIM/.mac/.me account there, double click on it to see your password.

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    where is the apps folder?

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    See your hard drive icon, double click on it.

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    Users Tip

    See the Next Step section.


    The Users Tip was written some while ago and the links about checking the Servers where you got your name from are out of Date. (First section)



    For AIM names you can Start here

    You can use the Sign In option top left then click the Forgot Password button

    (Hopefully you set up an alternative email and security questions to help you get the password)


    Use iForgot for MobileMe and @mac.com names.


    For Google names you should login in to Google or at least try and follow their Password Recovery route.


    For other Jabber names you may struggle as many don't have Web Site logins that you can use.



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