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I have an album in Aperture that contains photos and videos.  When I sync the album with my iPhone the videos do not show up.  I have read some posts from earlier in the year where people have to export the videos outside of Aperture in order to sync them over.  Is this still the latest "resolution"?

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    There is no way to sync videos from Aperture (or, indeed, iPhoto)






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    Having similar problems (plus some photos) in Aperture, but have never had issues syncing videos through iPhoto. Whether the video originated from an iPhone, camera, etc., if it was in the album I chose to sync through iTunes, it was on my iPhone. Exceptions would of course by formatting. I'm curious about your statement regarding iPhoto.



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    Not according to Apple Support document:


    Why have "Include videos" as an option in iTunes, if it's not a feature?


    I too am struggling. Aperture doesn't seem to want to take videos across to my iPad, as part of albums they're in.


    What's most frustrating is that I got it to work on one occasion! I had four or five short video clips embedded in an Aperture album, and they made it across to the iPad. It was excellent!


    But now it flat refuses and I can't work out why.


    If anyone has any clever ideas, I'm all ears.



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    I have the Same Problem. If I deactivate and activate the sync videos flag in iTunes it tells me that it takes 1gb additional space in the picture folder of my iPhone ( I hot 5gb free space left) but when I hit sync in takes 10 seconds till it is finished and still no videos are on my iPhone

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    I tried deleting the Ipod cach file in the Aperture library and sync the picture+videos in the library and it didnt work eather.

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    Problem Solved!!! Aperture says the video files are made by the Iphone and compartible, but they are not. After exporting, reencoding using HandBrake and importing the videos to Aperture solved the problem. After that the videos could be synced to the Iphone. Apple support wasnt any help.


    Hope i could help you all

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    I ended up reencoding over 300 videos in Handbrake, and most of them synced just fine, but there are 11 videos that won't sync over to my iPhone 4S from Aperture 3.  Any new videos created after those 11 won't sync over either.  Anyone else having similar issues?

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    Very similar problem.  Uploaded videos and photos from my Nikon D7000 to an iPad (where the videos played fine), then imported all into Aperture 3.0, and deleted all from the iPad. Now I can't get the videos back onto the iPad from an album containing videos and photos designated to sync to the iPad (running IOS 5) and the "import videos" box is checked.  The photos import fine.  I did not do anything to the videos other than not include them all in the new album.  Even an album with only one video in it won't sync over, so it is definitely not a memory issue.  And I don't see how it can be an incompatible video format, since they played fine after direct import from the camera card.  Aarggh!!  Very user unfriendly and unintuitive!!

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    Agreed; it is incredibly frustrating.  I don't understand why Apple wouldn't fix this issue...


    It's not a storage capacity issue for me either; my iPad 2 has 30GB free and the 11 videos that won't sync only take up about 150MB, so there is plenty of space left.

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    same problem,

    • videos are in aperture - recorded using my iphone4
    • in iTunes videos are checked and are synced.
    • some videos - cant really make the difference are not syncing.
    • tried the change library trick.
    • tried the rebuild library trick.

    I'm extremely disappointed with the way apple is handling this OLD bug.

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    Agreed elivne; this issue has been reported in various thread on various forums and is more than a year old.  During that time, Apple has released multiple iOS revisions, but has not addressed this issue.  Hopefully iOS 5.1 will fix this issue?  Though I wouldn't hold my breath...

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    The source of the problem is aperture or iTunes, not the iPhone.

    I find it amazing serious bugs are not fixed by apple.

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    The source of the problem is Aperture and/or iTunes and/or iOS. 

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    Has this been fixed? I still can't figure out how to get vids from Aperture onto my iPad.

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