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Is anyone having problems with their AOL account in their Mail application???


At first, the spinning mail retrieving wheel for AOL kept spinning (after it would not send an email), now it says I have the wrong password set up, and there is a little round symbol with a sort of sideways thunderbolt with the AOL acct. line.  I have tried to fix this in several ways including completely deleting the AOL acct. on my iMac in both my Administrator and general use accounts, and making sure the username, password, incoming and outgoing servers were correct, but it still does not work.

Now, my iPad is saying the same thing, that it cannot retrieve my AOL mail because of a wrong password, etc.  I check in the iPad mail settings, and all is correct.

BTW, my wife's AOL acct. in her iMac acct. on this same iMac is working fine, as well as on that same iPad, and my Hotmail acct. is also working fine on both this iMac and the same iPad.


I am really baffled at this point....HELP !!!  (and thank you)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 27" 2.7GHz Quad i5 12GB mem 1TB
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    I have no idea, two things I would recommend. First is calling AppleCare they may be able to sort it out and second is dropping AOL and getting a real ISP. AOL tends to be more trouble than they're worth.

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    Roger...thanks for getting back to me so fast...you are awesome!

    About the time you answered, AOL thru Mail suddenly started working again ( at least on this iPad...have got to go check the iMac next).  I agree with you, that AOL is not great, but years ago, we at United Airlines could only access our company communications, etc. through Compuserve, and that's why I'm still enslaving myself to it.  My Hotmail acct. gets my AOL forwarded to it, but the flow through does not appear to work within the Apple Mail app., at least I have not been able to find out how yet.  Pretty much everything in my life comes through the AOL mail account.

    I have also had the same issue happen on my iPad on layovers in Kuwait City, where my Hotmail account works fine, but when I try to access AOL on MAIL, I get that " AOL cannot retrieve mail--incorrect username or password" message.  I thought it might be the fact that I am in the Middle East, and sometimes it does weird things to the Internet, or, they block certain things ( like Dubai blocks Skype).

    Let's hope it keeps working!

    Thanks again, Roger.  I appreciate your input, as always..Jim

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    Your welcome and good luck with AOL....yeach!

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    Thanks...and it's still not working on the iMac....ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

    My wife suggested that, because I have it set up that AOL mail gets forwarded to HOtmail, that that may be why mine is messed up, and hers is not (?)... Who knows, but I agree with your sentiments on AOL!

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    Update:  I went ahead and disabled the function within Hotmail that forwarded my AOL mail to it, and so far, it seems to have helped.


    BTW, tonight I ran a ClamXav scan, and it quarentined 4 emails, two on my wife's acct., from 2008 & 2009, and 2 from my email (AOL), recieved today.  I believe they were called Heuristic Phishi..., or something like that.  They had been quarentined to the respective documents stacks.  I transfered them to the Trash, and emptied it, ran another scan, and nothing popped up.

    These were, no doubt, phishing malware, but still unnerving to find.  Did I do the proper thing to trash them, and empty the trash???

    Thanks Roger...sorry to bug you again.

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    Chances are they were for Windows machines and are nothing to be concerned about. Don't forget to empty the trash though.

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    O, yes...emptied the Trash right away!

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    Just before I got to your post "Update" I was thinking of writing to suggest you check out your mail for phishing ... and bingo, you're finding problems.    I have had no bad mail from anyone other than through AOL and I hope you won't think me impertinent if I suggest you should look for another account.

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    Seventy One...thanks for your input...have had no similar problems pop up since then!

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    I have another problem. Ever since I linked my aol account to the apple mail stamp on my iMAC-aol created a junk mail folder and now half of my new emails go into the junk mail instead of the inbox. How do I stop the mail from going there? It's separate from the spam folder.

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    I had the same problem with trying to access my AOL email accounts through Macs Mail program. I search and tried numerous things and nothing worked, until . . .

    Go to Disk Utility and under First Aid . . . Repair Disk Permissions.

    Be patient and let the software fix itself.

    I now have a working Mail program again.

    Good Luck.