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I've had my itouch for about a year (it came with the mac- back to school deal). Last night, I plugged it into my ihome and charged it over night and then left it there pretty much all day today. Then, in the late afternoon or so I took it off and tried to turn it on but instead of letting me in without a passcode (I had previously turned off my four digit passcode) it shows up with a fancy keyboard and asks for a passcode. I put in my four-digit (it didn't work) and now I have no idea what to do! I know no one stole it and changed the passcode and I didn't forget it- my itouch just suddenly locked on me.


I plugged it into my itunes but that didn't help at all, it just synced it. I also held down the button on the top to reset it but it's still locked. I know you can restore it to its original settings but that will delete everything and I don't want to lose all the information in my apps as well as my contacts.


If this has happened to anyone else (I know at least it has to one person- yahoo answers) and they have figured out what is wrong, please let me know!! Thanks!

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