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I recently updated my MacBook Pro 17" to 10.6.8, with no problems. Fabulous machine.


Yesterday, I installed Windows 7 into Parallels (yeah, I know. Long story) and then watched with mounting frustration and despair as my lovely friendly machine ground to a halt. Literally.


Current situation

When I start up the machine up, the OS boots up fine (or appears to). Then the Dock disappears. Or flashes briefly, then disappears. Or appears but is completely unresponsive. Then, shortly after, the entire UI becomes unresponsive. The mouse pointer moves, but that's about it. No keyboard control. No interactivity. Re-starting the hardware solves nothing. Re-starting in safe mode solves nothing. I've unplugged all external USB devices and the Time Capsule. No joy.



I suspect that it is Parallels. Or rather a particular build of Parallels under 10.6.8, with one particular option checked, i.e. "Show windows applications in Dock". Why do I think this? Check out http://kb.parallels.com/en/111541


Now, what I'm trying to figure out is what the feck I do to fix this and roll back the Parallels install when I have no significant UI control for more than a few seconds after login... deep sigh. 


Any good suggestions most welcome.

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