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Warren Heaton Level 3 Level 3

My initial thoughts:


Avid Media Composer has always been too expensive.


Media 100 has always had that horrible one window for everything interface.  But then again, FCP X seems to have adopted that as well.


Adobe Premiere Pro looks a lot like FCP 7, opens FCP 7 projects via XML (you may not get 100% of the same thing once inside Premiere Pro, but at least your assembly with be there).  Also, if you're an After Effects user and have the Production Premium bundle, you may already own it and even have it installed.


Sony Vegas always had that horrible one window for everything interface.  But then again, FCP X seems to have adopted that as well.


Maybe after all the initial shock wears off, one can get used to the Events and one Sequence per project.



  • Adam Scoffield Level 4 Level 4

    well i've just finished the first real job in fcpx. ok not the most complicated of jobs in the world, and to be fair it is destined to be output for the web. BUT it cuts really nicely. Its so nice to be frame accurate with in points when you;re cutting music. I was so used to setting an in point in fcp and then having to move it back 3 frames to get it to be where I thought I had marked it. Now in fcpx the edits points are bang on. Thats a joy. I've not troubled the timeline too much but what I did do was responsive and easy. I do like the trim tools and the precision editor. very fast way to tweak edits.


    of course there are niggles, but a lot of these are just learning a new way to work. For example I havent quite got my brain round the saving structure yet. I felt restrained by having to put the events in an event folder, but of course this is no different to having a Capture Scratch folder on a drive somewhere. And when i finally twigged that you could actually put other folders and stuff in the Event of your own liking, i realised its actually fine. So i keep my projects on the main computer and all media, graphix, exports etc on an external thing. I agree that render files should not be in the project file. But maybe I should just put project files on an external as well.


    so for this job it was a joy, and I suspect what fcpx was designed for, that is not having to talk to other systems. Give it three or four months before making a choice, then we'll see if things improve, EDL, and output to tape wise.





  • Daniel Slagle Level 7 Level 7

    I am with Adam... FCPX is growing on me.  I still have FCPS and a semi big project coming up next week.  The good news?  It is relatively simple.  But I am honestly torn.  Go with what I know works or deal with a new mindset and the occasional lockup or crash.


    As for me going out and learning a new tool in the next year.  No way.  I am gonna play wait and see on that.

  • lazwell Level 1 Level 1

    Hallelujah, !!!!  Finally.