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I recorded a Voice Memo (on an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.3) that, according to the Voice Memo "Share" command button, is too large to email or MMS to others. I expected, and even read from the iOS 4.3 User Guide, that I should be able to sync my iPhone to iTunes (on Mac OS X, current iTunes [5.0.5], current Mac OS X [10.6.8]), and then share the file on my own from there. According to the iOS 4.3 User Guide, syncing Voice Memos to iTunes should place VMs recorded on my iPhone into a "Voice Memos" playlist within iTunes, with iTunes creating the "Voice Memos" playlist if it does not already exist. I tried several times, with system restarts of both the Mac and iPhone in the overall mixture, to get iTunes to pull the VMs from my iPhone during an iTunes sync, and it simply isn't happening. I even manually created a "Voice Memos" playlist in iTunes to see if that would prompt iTunes to use it on a subsequent sync to pull the VM from my iPhone and put it there, but no luck. What am I doing wrong? Does this facility really work as advertised? Is there any way for me to create large VMs on my iPhone and then get them off the iPhone to share with others?


Please Help.