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so, previously i didn't have a problem watching flash video on my iBook. whne i say previoulsy i mean that serveral month ago i change the OS to 5.8. how i have problem's somehow relating to the flash players on sites. i don't think it effects YouTube, not that i'm a avid watcher of YouTube. but just to make sure...


...right, yes. YouTube still very functional.


i have scripts (por extension's) but have been switching them off to find out whether this will help. it didn't. so that just left coming here and see if there's anyone out there with simular issues or know what the help is going on and how to fix it.


i should mention the site i've been trying to watch from are; and, jap animation sites. amazing if you like or love that kind of stuff. but not what non of the flash players work



any help would be wonderful, cheers guy's/girls

G4 ibook 1.42ghz, Mac OS X (10.4.11), G4 PowerPC | IPhone3G (OS 3.1.2) JB
  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 (41,130 points)

    Have you maximized the RAM to 1.5 GB? That helps.


    To optimize Flash playback, navigate to the video you want to watch and then restart the iBook. (This frees up all the memory.)


    Start the browser and use its history to go back to the video you want to watch. Allow it to load completely before trying to view it.


    Also, you may want to check out Macology's tutorial on this subject. It was written for G3 iBooks, but can be helpful with G4s, too.



    Please remember that streaming video is dependent upon the speed of your internet connection, too. A slow connection will keep videos from playing smoothly.


    You can check your internet connection speed here:



    Good luck.

  • thesmilingshadow Level 1 (5 points)

    hey ronda,


    thank you for the input. i'm already maxed out on RAM thanks. and its nothing to do with speed of the internet. its better if i explain it as; the flash players don't even respond to play button. i might just about get a flicker of graphics response but as for the chaching that just doesn't happen because it doesn't get that far.


    so really i'm looking foe something else which is rendering the majority of flash players i try to watch non-funnctional.




    these work;


    they consist of the JWPlayer, iFrame(maybe, i'm not entirely sure on this particular player) and MegaVideo player. of which most people try to avoid. the condition of extensions didn't make any difference really. i tested with extn. on/off same players worked.


    this didn't work:


    now strangely enough both AC and Kumby both use under most circumstances the same flash links. as there are actually only so many. everyone host the same ones, with a few variables.  but inn this case they do not work.



    now this might site specific. i would usually just go from one to the other to find out which is actually working. but as doing so, i have found that sometime neither site is working. might seem a little odd but its generally all i use a flash play back for.

  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 (41,130 points)

    I'm getting just the opposite results from yours. The first site doesn't work; the second site does.


    I can tell you that I'm not getting anything but blank white boxes on the first link. Their problem, not mine, I think, since I have the newest 13-inch MacBook Pro and the current Flash Player.


    It looks like it is a site-specific problem, all right. If it doesn't work today, try again tomorrow?


    I note that you've linked to the same episode in each case. You could try Googling the name of the episode you want to see in order to see whether other sites have it.


    You could also try a different browser. Sometimes one will work when another doesn't.

  • thesmilingshadow Level 1 (5 points)

    hey Ronda,


    very interesting i may try get back in touch with the guy's on th esite and see if they know whats going on. would be nice to watch without hassle.


    cheers for checking everything out.


    my apologies for my poor typing.


    i'll see if anything pop's up and hopefully either they'll have some answers or somebody may have come across the problem themselves.

  • thesmilingshadow Level 1 (5 points)



    the flash things are really getting to me now. i was the site and decide while a video cache'd to find another place to watch anime. and foudn this place;



    problem is that its all blank there also. so what exactly is going on? has there been a massive change in the internet or something that is effecting my computer's ability to read flash? are other computer also effected?



    again if anyone has any answers i would really really like to know them.




  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 (41,130 points)

    That site is not blank for me at the current time. I am able to view the videos there. You may want to check it periodically. It seems as though they come and go.

  • thesmilingshadow Level 1 (5 points)

    hello ronda,


    there are certain FP's that are and aren't reliable. i think for me the confusion is that there's use to be lots more that i could rely on and that is'nt the case. so i suspect something somewhere has changed. as i'm non intel my flash play is limited to i'm gonna set up a list with links to those that do, have never and did but longer do.


    have never;

    Watch with English Subs (Speedy Joe)      Parts: 1

    Watch with English Subs (youku)      Parts: 1

    Player 4

    (i can't really tell which player this is cause it don't even load to intro)

    Player 5

    (agin can't tell which player this is, it also the second as the first one is megavideo)

    did but no longer do; with English Subs (JWPlayer)      Parts: 1

    Watch with English Subs (Rutube)  

    Watch with English Subs (Flv)  



    Watch with English Subs (MegaVideo)  

    Player 2

    (JWPlayer, different site)

    Player 3


    ok the thing is that the links that are used aren't consistant on the one i would prefer to use. so one week you may find all the thing i want to watch have watchable links via non MV. other weeks you may find one. and again, i might find none at all. mainly it come usually comes down to MV with the occasional possibility of some other player.


    i find it interesting that you can refresh to make the links work. i think i used to able to that on some of them but that no longer works. there very likely more link i may scout of them so i have a comprehensive list to reflect on. but i think its pretty much reflects the majority currently.

  • Ronda Wilson Level 8 (41,130 points)

    All links are playable for me (at the moment), except:



    Player 4


    Player 5


    Player 2


    Player 3



    These don't work as links for me. Clicking on them does nothing.


    A couple of the links that do work at first glance get a little more than halfway through and stall, though.

  • thesmilingshadow Level 1 (5 points)

    hey ronda,


    it would seem that yours has a link directly to the kumby site. where as mine isn't. i'm having a really hard time figuring out what exactly is the problem.


    across the board the FP that dont' work for me either, look like there they are loading or look like they are playable until i try to press play and then have no reaction (barring the roll over from pointer to hand) or in the most case they have no change. there just blank.


    the only tangent i can think of is that there maybe something embedded in the site code or FP's thats maybe something to do with ad's and such. then i can't really think of why it effect peole differently.


    i may have to check the code inthe site against there players and see if there's any distinct different. as the link are external i can't really think why suggest would have any truth to in the code to the PS's. more brains maybe needed.

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    You should not expect an officially obsolete G4, whose Flash Player is stuck on an older version, to cope with all newer web sites. And Please do not take that comment personally - it won't be long before my G5 is in the same boat!


    You can check here:  to see which version you should install for your Mac and OS. Note that version 10,1,102,64 is the last version available to PPC Mac users*. The latest version, or later, is for Intel Macs only, as Adobe no longer support the PPC platform.


    * Unhelpfully, if you want the last version for PPC Macs, you need to go here:  and scroll down to 'Archived Versions/Older Archives'. The first one on the list, Flash Player 10.1 is the one you download. More information here:


    You should first uninstall any previous version of Flash Player, using the uninstaller from here (make sure you use the correct one!):



    and also that you follow the instructions closely, such as closing ALL applications first before installing. You must also carry out a permission repair after installing anything from Adobe.

  • thesmilingshadow Level 1 (5 points)

    hey klaus,


    i have already taken these things into consideration. as mentioned above. i'm already on the last update as you should be also.


    i do take into consideration that the latency could be the cause of all my trouble.


    but if your gonna be helpful you're gonna have to lend more of a hand. i ronda having more than one machine could probably do a test on each to find out if the machines operate the same and although your machine is a more powerful model your rely on simullar application for operation. so you colds probably deliver some info that could garantee what the answer to this issue is.


    rinda: i'm sure you have already tested on each machine to find out the difference in performance for each. if not, would you mind doing so? i would be greatly appreciate the effort.


    klaus: if you cold do the same that would be awesome also. then i have a very comprehensive approach and he results should clear up what ever's is happening. as you can see there's links above that you can use in order to find out which will and won't work for what reason's. just make sure you come back here and let me know the results.



    gez, i remember a world when error messages used to tell you or at least hint at what was going on. so then you could fix it or not. given you had a basis to work with.






    cheers for all the help


  • Klaus1 Level 8 (47,590 points)

    Both your links work fine for me - once I have closed the initial advert.


    I have no further suggestions to make other than the ones already posted.


    We are just fellow users like yourself, we don't have an army of different Macs to test on!

  • thesmilingshadow Level 1 (5 points)



    your not being very helpful i'm afraid. i know were all just user's. if you can't bring anything to the plate then don't bother it wold only prove to irritate you. i don't think that's the reason i came here. as i explained last rely. thank you for you input until now. it has been considered.

  • BDAqua Level 10 (121,615 points)

    Klaus was just trying to keep you posted & up to date as to where he was, and not have you possibly wondering if he had more input, I personally think that would be at least slightly helpful.


    Try putting these numbers in Network>TCP/IP>DNS Servers, for the Interface you connect with...



    Then Apply


    DNS Servers are a bit like Phone books where you look up a name and it gives you the phone number, in our case, you put in and it comes back with behind the scenes.  


    These Servers have been patched to guard against DNS poisoning, and are faster/more reliable than most ISP's DNS Servers.


    You can always remove them if it doesn't help.

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