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What's always baffled me about Itunes is the overkill factor for we who are media professionals and simply need

to be able to select and playback an audio file - without the proprietary architecture of the whole "Playlist" format...

and, as long as we're at it, without automatically having a duplicate of whatever is being played, created and placed

in a new folder somewhere. 


"Back in the day..."  I could take SoundJam - (actually the predecessor app that Itunes was originally based upon)

--which i still regularly use for easy conversion of .aifs to .mp3s --  and select/play any number of mp3s located in a

single file folder at random.  No "playlist" was created or needed -  and it didn't/doesn't dupe a copy of the file.


Can i in any way scale down or customize Itunes in a way that i can just play each mp3 in a given folder by selecting

it 'directly' and not have to have it generate a playlist "copy" -  My use for Itunes as far as commercial production is

for quick review/play of sound elements, spots (commercials) audio clips, etc. For this I'm not looking to "order" or

organize anything, just simply start/stop an audio cut and move to another. 


Alternately, any suggestions on simpler practical alternative 3rd party apps... Stuff like "Vox" comes kinda close but

i still have to drag and drop the icon of the audio file onto the app's icon to initiate play.  Still, at least it doesn't force

me into a Playlist or generate a copy just by selecting and playing the cut.


If this makes sense to anyone I'd really appreciate any ideas,



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