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Alan Williams Level 2 Level 2

Impossible right now you might think but the good news is its available NOW!


Israel Hyman is the author and having viewed the first 6  movies I have found it very good.


When new iMovie replaced iMovie HD I was incensed. After trying new iMovie once I never went back to HD. I reckon that in 12 to 20 months all the current hoo-hah will have died down and Pro X will be the editing king. Its so much easier to learn and use.


Extract from an email follows:-




I just published my new Final Cut Pro X tutorial. And it's free!


* It contains 2 hours and 39 minutes of video training on Final Cut

Pro X.

* I provide practice media for you to download and use during the

training, so you can follow along.

* And it's free.


Please help me spread the word about it by linking to it, tweeting

about it, posting it on Facebook, or whatever.


Here's the link:




I hope you find it helpful!


All the best,


Izzy Hyman

  • Michael Ryan. Level 4 Level 4

    Hello Alan,


    Great post.  I have already mentioned this link and lots of people have viewed it.  The Izzy Hyman tutorials are incredible and FREE!  They will bring everything into focus very, very quickly.  I don't think you are right with the 12 to 20 months part.  I think in another 30 days people won't even remember there was any problem with FCPX.  The public has a very short memory.


    Just look at any newspaper.  Today a politician can be caught with his hand in the cookie jar and a month from now he is receiving good citizenship awards.






  • skyjamvideos Level 1 Level 1

    These are great but I could not locate the sample zip file that Izzy mentions int he first tutorial.  I could not find the zip file on the site


    It's the movie file that allows you to do the same edits as he is doing in the tutorial

  • Michael Ryan. Level 4 Level 4

    Hello There,


    Somewhere on his site he mentions that he had to take down the zip file because he was having bandwidth problems.  He is working on a fix and should have it up again soon.



  • Alan Williams Level 2 Level 2

    As you can imagine Izzy Hyman's course is in great demand and his server could not handle the requests for the download zip file.


    Actually I doubt you really need the zip file at all if you have footage of your own in iMovie.


    I have watched the first 11 videos now and have had no trouble making sense of what Izzy is explaining.



  • skyjamvideos Level 1 Level 1

    Okay, thanks Alan, appreciate the response