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A couple days ago I tried to open iTunes and I kept getting a window that said it was installed wrong and that I needed to reinstall. Okay, I thought that sounded easy enough. Well, I uninstalled iTunes and Quicktime and then tried to reinstall and kept getting the same thing. So, I went on this site and looked at Apple's directions on uninstalling iTunes. I followed all the directions and things were going fine until I got to the list of files to be sure were deleted before reinstallation. I have one folder that no matter what I do WILL NOT delete. C:>Program Files (x86)>Common Files>Apple Anyway, when I try to delete the file it says it's deleting for a long time then I get an error that says:


"An unexpected error is keeping you from deleting this folder. If you continue to recieve this error, you can use this error code to search for help with this problem. 

Error 0x8007045D: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error

Try again/Cancel"


Has anyone else come across this? Is there a problem with the file(s), my computer, or this an Apple problem? Any suggestions?


EDIT: Also, if it helps inside the Apple folder is another folder called "Apple Application Support". Which my Quicktime also wouldn'y work. When I tried to open it it mentioned something about needing to install Apple App. Support. Thought maybe that could be of relevance.


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    Error 0x8007045D: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error


    I think we should try running a chkdsk over your C drive with that one, Hayley.


    Windows 7 instructions in the following document: How to use CHKDSK (Check Disk)


    Select both Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, or use chkdsk /r (depending on which way you decide to go about doing this). You'll almost certainly have to schedule the chkdsk to run on startup. The scan should take quite a while ... if it quits after a few minutes or seconds, something's interfering with the scan.


    Does the chkdsk find/repair any damage? If so, can you do the deletion now?

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    Yay! It finally deleted! Thank you so much! Now hopefully iTunes and Quicktime will reinstall correctly!

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    excellent news, Hayley. Fingers crossed, the reinstalls should go through fine now.

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    Actually, it's still not working. I'm hoping there's a simple fix for this. Now when I try to open iTunes it says:


    "Apple Application Support was not found.


    Apple Application Support is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.


    Error 1 (Windows Error 2)"




    I've already tried installing again and I keep getting the same thing. Any ideas?

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    Let's try a standalone Apple Application Support install. It still might not install, but fingers crossed any error messages will give us a better idea of the underlying cause of the issue.


    Download and save a copy of the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64setup.exe) installer file to your hard drive:




    Download and install the free trial version of WinRAR:




    Right-click the iTunesSetup.exe (or iTunes64Setup.exe), and select "Extract to iTunesSetup" (or "Extract to iTunes64Setup"). WinRAR will expand the contents of the file into a folder called "iTunesSetup" (or "iTunes64Setup").


    Go into the folder and doubleclick the AppleApplicationSupport.msi to do a standalone AAS install.


    Does it install properly for you? If so, does iTunes launch properly now?


    If instead you get an error message during the install, let us know what it says. (Precise text, please.)

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    Yes!! It finally works! Thank you so much! It's been driving me crazy for days now!

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    Woohoo! (This one fought back a lot.) Glad you're up and running again, Hayley.

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    Yeah, it was a toughie! But thank you! Yeah, I kind of missed being able to sync my iPod.