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The only discussions I found said I needed to delete them from my computer then sync the iPhone, but I want to keep the copies on my computer but get them off my phone. When I delete them from my phone then sync they seem to get put back on my iPhone.

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    You don't need to delete them from your computer, but you do manage sync that way. In iTunes p, when your phone is plugged in there is a photos tab. From there you can maange which albums, or events are synced to your phone.

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    I can't delete any images in the library in the iPhone. How do I manage the images that are contained in the Photo Library without permently deleting them from my computer? It's not a very intuitive process.

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    Right, it is not intuitive. That is because you don't delete them from your iPhone. You have to tell iTunes to stop syncing them. This is NOT the same as deleting them from your computer, you don't have to touch the photos in iPhoto.


    So again, plug your phone into iTunes. Click on it when it shows up in the side bar. When you look at you phone in iTunes you should see a whole bunch of tabs at the top for the different things you can sync, (Music, Info, Movies, TV) one of those tabs it photos. In this tab you can tell iTunes which photos to sync and which ones not to. Telling iTunes not to sync a photo will remove it from you phone but will not touch your iPhoto library.