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Do the AirPort Extreme (n) and Time Capsule use the rubber mat on the bottom to dissipate heat?  Would it help, hinder or do nothing to raise them up on vinyl bumpers (like these (http://www.glassartpatterns.com/prodimages/42021.jpg) or these (http://www.acehardwareoutlet.com/ProductDetails.aspx?SKU=998021160))?





Time Capsule, 1st Gen, 500GB
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    The rubber mat on the bottom of the Extreme and Time Capsule are there to keep the unit from sliding around. They have little to do with heat dissipation. The heat is dissipated thru the top of the unit and thermally isolated from the rest of the unit by the space/gap that runs around the top of the sides. Raising the unit on vinyl bumpers will allow for greater airflow around the bottom, but like I said, this has little to do with heat dissipation. A better solution would be to have a small fan blow air across the top of the unit.

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    Anything that you can do that will provide more airflow to the router will be helpful, but....in my experience.... removing the rubber mat  did not seem to make any difference in heat dissipation.


    A number of users have reported that a USB laptop cooling pad works quite effectively with the Apple routers.

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    In addition to both lunieri's and Bob's comments, both base station employ a sizeable heat sink/radiator that is positioned just under the top of the unit. You can get a better idea on what these heat sink/radiators look like from these references: For the Time Capsule; for the AirPort Extreme

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    I guess, at the very least, the bumpers will get the heat off the surfaces underneath.


    Thanks for all the responses.