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So awhile ago i dropped my ipod touch 8GB into a toilet  (water was clean). I got a new one a week later after trying things to fix my Ipod touch. But now i wanna see if ill turn on again since last few months. I have tried to press buttons in a certain way to turn in on but still nothing.I tried plugging it into my computer but still nothing.So i wanna see if anyone has a few things that may help me. Also if after you dropped you ipod touch into a toilet and grabbed it out n dried it off with something and started pressing buttons is it certainly not going to work again?

~ Thanks

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  • chase2hoop Level 1 (70 points)

    Never in a toilet, but in a pool, I had to get the screen replaced by some 3rd party, but Then it worked.

  • gatortribe Level 2 (265 points)

    No. When you drop an electronic device, DO NOT TRY TO TURN IT ON. If it is on, power it off immediately. Just because the outside is dry doesn't mean the inside is. Once you turn it on while still wet, it will short circuit, and you will probably never see it on again. What you should do is power it off immediately, then get a bowl of rice or silicon packs, and put it in there for two nights. This is the best way, as the rice/silicon packs soak up all the water. After two days, you can power it on, and it most likely will work. Be patient. After one day it will look dry enough, but looks are deceiving. Sorry to tell you, but there is nothing you can do to resurrect it.

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    try putting it in rice and leave it for a while i had an ipod go in a drink and i let it sit in rice fr a few weeks and it started working

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    Try getting an Otterbox case for your Ipod. It has 2 or 3 layers so it would take longer for the water to reach the actual ipod. This will not make your ipod work again but it will prevent damage next time you drop it in a toilet(:

  • gatortribe Level 2 (265 points)

    Eh a weeks is to long. You could do 1 week if you want to be extra sure. But I'm not to sure about multiple weeks.

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    I doubt if you will be able to get it to work after so long, corrosion has already started by now, as the other person here suggested, an Otter Box is a great suggestion - I dropped my iPhone in a slatwater canal - had to dive in and retrieve it from the bottom, I took it out of the case and put it in a bag of rice for a couple of days and it worked fine. You MUST power it off immediately, any electrical current running through the components will short it out...

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    When you drop a phone in salt water, you can not just do the usual turn off and dry out. Salt is very corrosive, and can destroy the sensitive electronics. After its off, you have to rinse it off with fresh water, or ever alcohol. Then you can let it dry out.

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    I just recently dropped my iPod into a pool last week. It's the fourth generation, 8gb. I was devesqted but we quickly fished it out. Immediately we dried it off and put it in a huge pot of rice. We waited 36-48 hours took in out and plugged it into the computer. We waited 20 minutes and it turned back on. But it took 3 days to adjust. I still had all my data but no camera. Then the next day I got my front camera back. And the day after that I got the back camera back. I actually am using the iPod to write this. Hope it helps.

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    How can I put rice on iTouch after I accidentally dropped it from water? :( Am I going to put it in a rice cooker or what? :(

  • lllaass Level 10 (176,069 points)

    Put uncooked rice is a sealable container like Tuberware or a zip-lock bag and put the iPod inside and seal it. Change the rice daily for a week.

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    Am I going to plaice it on top or below of the uncooked rice?

  • lllaass Level 10 (176,069 points)

    Burying it is best but just laying it on the rice in a sealed container is OK.

  • RLAAlcantara Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you very much!

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    I think it costs alot but you can get that thing done to it i forgot the name lol but they put it in the  low compression chambers and spray that thing on them hope you know the name acctualy it COULD be pi2 but dont qoute me hope this helps.

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