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I just today purchased an iPad2, and while we were in the Apple store, the gentleman helping us set up the iTunes account on the device, using my daughter's iTunes account information.  Is there a way to have 2 iTunes account on a single iPad, as I have no need for the anemic vocal stylings of Taylor Swift?  If not, is there a way to put my music into her library and then just have Mommy's stuff on its own playlist?

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    You can not sign into to the iPad it's self with more then one account, but you can sync to multiple computers by using the "Manually Manage my Music and Movies" option when connecting to iTunes.

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    You can sync multiple iOS devices to one iTunes account and they can be managed independently.  So, yes you can manage your iPad on your daughters account and sync only the music, apps, pictures, etc, you want to your device.  Just remember to name your iPad so when you back it up, you can easily find the backup that corresponds to your iPad.  To name your iPad, double click on the device from the left hand side of iTunes when it is connected.  You can then enter what you want it to be named, like Mom's iPad. 

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    I am still confused, and need some dumbed-down instructions.  What happens if I plug my iPod into the iPad, which has my daughter's iTunes account on it?  Will the music on that iPod go into that iTunes library (which is what I want) or will the music in her iTunes library go to my iPod (which I definitely do not want), or will something altogether different occur?

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    You can't "plug an iPod into an iPad". You will plug both into iTunes. They will show up on the side bar, and when you click on them you will be taken to a summary page. At the top of this page is a whole bunch of tabs for Music, Movies and so on. Click on the Muisc tab to control which artiest, songs, and or playlist get syned to the device. Each device can be setup differently, so you can set Tylor Swift to sync to the iPad but not the iPod.

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    Do you and your daughter each have your own computers to sync your devices to or are you sharing a single computer?

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    We each have our own computer, but there is only one iPad. 

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    You can sign in and out of two different iTunes accounts on the iPad but  - if the iPad is for your use - since you both have your own computers - I would recommend creating your own Apple ID and iTunes account. This way you can sync to your own computer and she can sync to hers.


    Go to Settings>Store on the iPad. You should see your daughter's email address which is her Apple ID. Tap on the email address and a window will pop up that will allow you to sign out of her account. Then you can create your Apple ID and iTunes account.


    This article will explain how to create your own account with a credit card.



    This article will explain how to create an account without a credit card.



    The only thing about this is if you bought something already with her account - and I'm speaking only about purchases now - you will lose those items when you sync to iTunes. Any free apps can be downloaded again so no need to worry about those.

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    I have ~50 iPads for students.  I would like to do the following: Purchase $10-$50 worth of apps for each (depending on the amount of money I receive in additional grant funding) of apps the kids will all be using.  I will create an account for each iPad, buy these apps using a gift card (no credit card).  Then I would like the students to be able to have their own account, buy their own apps, upload their own music, and manage the iPads at home.


    I want this setup since the iPads are mine to use with 6th grade each year, and I would like the students to be able to purchase apps (if they so desire) and have them for after 6th grade if they ever get their own iPad.  I want the iPad itself to have its own account with the basic apps I will purchase with no credit card connected so that the kids will be able to update these apps on their own as well.


    The reason I dont want to just let the kids buy these apps on their own account is so that I do not need to rebuy the apps each year!


    Is this possible?