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I am trying to connect a little 160Gb HP hard drive to my time capsule via a hub which also connects successfully a non wireless printer. This particular hard drive uses two usb in's to connect. Once i plug it into time capsule, it powers up, thinks for a while,the wee blue light becomes solid and there it is.

However it does not show up in the finder sidebar under Shared - though i have set preferences to show everything. the hard drive is formatted correctly, and i can access it when i plug it directly into the imac.

am i missing something ? or is it just not compatible with my time capsule ? - perhaps the two usb connections are the cause? i just want to be able to save files and access them on the external hard drive via the network from imac and laptop, instead of having to plug it in to either.....

any help much appreciated...


imac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)