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Hi all


I just got an apple tv (2nd gen) today, after disabling security on my wireless network the apple tv connected. I can access youtubes videos but when I try to sign in to home sharing or the itunes store it keeps saying:


Unable to sign in.


Apple TV could not connect to the server. Please try again later.



I have tried to restore it but it always stalls before finishing.


I have tried different apple ids and get the same message.


I have got the home sharing working on my ipad no problems.


This has been frustrating me for hours so any solutions would be much appreciated, thanks!

AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Try restarting your Apple TV

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    I have had two faulty 2nd generation apple tv and I got very frustrated. I found the telephone helpline very good. The store I bought from confirmed that they have had others returned. I have 2 working now both in Uk and Spain and working perfectly. As a tip reboot all components including your actual TV. Good luck if all fails take it back. It is worth persevering as it's a great piece of kit.

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    thanks I have restarted the apple tv, still having the same problem

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    I bought mine about 3 weeks ago and gave had nothing but issues with it. After the last update, it's even worse. The login to iTunes won't work.


    Extremely frustrated. First Apple product I've bought that I don't like.

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    thanks I have rebooted hopefully will find a solution before having to take it back

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Firstly you shouldn't disable security to allow it to connect to your network. Try using WPA or WPA2 instead, if you don't have those options try using WEP with a 5 character password for 40 bit encryption and a 13 character password for 128 bit encryption.


    As for homesharing, ensure that your firewall(s) is/are allowing access to all ports required by iTunes or disable your firewall on your computer completely. Check any security software you have installed isn't causing an issue.


    Check for interference on your network and if necessary try another wifi channel.

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    Have you unplugged the actual tv monitor also from power source?

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    They won't admit but I think they know that they have a dodgy batch. Get swopped it's worth persevering - apple help line is very very helpful.

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    Thanks for all your comments, i finally worked it out! I forgot that our home theatre system used wireless to connect the rear speakers, i had the apple tv sitting on top of it.


    Just turned off the home theatre system and connected it straight to the tv and it works acharm so it must be interference, will have to investigate a way to avoid this.


    Thanks again for all your comments!

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10 (83,895 points)

    Try using iStumbler to determine which wifi channels are being used around your location. IStumbler can help but it won't detect interference caused by ordinary household items such as microwaves, cordless phones etc etc.

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    It's a straightforward port-forwarding issue.


    You need to forward ports to the internal ip address of your apple tv as follows:


    TCP 123

    TCP 3689

    UDP 5353

    TCP 80

    TCP 4343

    TCP 53


    This may also solve other problems you may have with homesharing...