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I am putting a new hard drive in my mid-2007 MB pro. I am unable to completely release the top of the case. All screws are out, I think. Case will not release in the front in th area of the screen release button and the lower right corner of the mouse pad. I have the two screws out from the front in the battery box. What am I missing?  Is there a trick? Where can I find instructions? Maybe a drawing showing all the screw locations? Thank you. Bob

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi Robert,


    Illustrated directions: ifixit, powerbookmedic, youtube

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    Thank you very much tjk. Hard drive replaced. Bob

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    Glad that worked out for you. Enjoy the new HD.

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    Hi robert, can I ask what you replaced it with? I have a late-2007 MBP and have 9 gigs free .... getting a bit crowded in here!


    How hard was it, where did you buy, etc etc.



    Also, for the pros out there - Apple just replaced the logic board in this 'puter about 6 weeks ago. Should that have any effect on my DIY HDD upgrade?



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    Hi Kren,


    I went to a Toshiba 320 GB, 16 MB, 7200 rpm drive. There are cheaper Western Digital drives available from Amazon but I really did not like the customer reviews. I've used drives from drivesolutions.com before and when I called, I got a few bucks off the online price plus a choice of drive brands. I like Toshiba. They are nice and quiet and have always worked well for me before. Additionally, I'm not a big video person so, even though I partition the drive for Mac OS on one side and through bootcamp put Windows Vista (soon to be Windows 7) on the other, this 320 GB drive will give me a good amount of space compared to the old 120 GB drive. So far the upgrade looks good.



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    Thanks for the quick reply -- I'm looking for a 500 gig drive and will now check out the Toshibas; had been disconcerted by the Seagate reviews, but had been fairly comfortable with the WD reviews.


    Still wondering whether anyone knows if the prior logic board replacement will have any effect on this upgrade.


    I already had networking issues after the replacement (solved, gratis, by Apple) and my first Time Machine backup failed because the board thinks it's in a new computer, not the computer associated with the backups, so had to do a complete new backup. I figure that a HDD replacement may bring up some new issue I haven't thought of.