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I shoot in 1920 x 1080 / 23.98p. My goal is to output my projects to a) Blue Ray,b) a file I can watch on my mac and c) a file I can watch on my Ipad.
I have compressor, but I´m not very familiar with it yet.



My goal is to first export a masterfile from which I can transcode to other files suitable for Blue Ray, Mac viewng and Ipad viewing. So far I have been  exporting my movie using :export movie - "current settings". I´m not sure if that is the best way, as I don´t understand my other options prores 444, H.264 and so on.


I used the share to blueRay option, and the result was very good, but I couldn´t set chapter markers. Anyone have a good tutorial on doing that (I thin k I read somewhere that You have to do that in Compressor?).


Any help would be appreciated. I need it explained in step by step turns.


Thanks in advance

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    This is what you have to do


    - Go to Share, Send to Compressor

    - When you in Compressor you select the export that you want in the Settings browser and drag that to the clip above. You can move more export settings on one clip.




    - When that is done you choose the place where you want the files goes to. You can do that to right click on "Source" in de window where you clip file stands.