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I posted this in Snow Leopard but didn't get a response, so maybe someone here can help. I purchased a new Mac Pro (primarily to run "newer" software). I use Image Capture to import my memory cards. On my "old" G5, I could use Image Capture to import any number of cards are the same time. So if I have 3, dual card readers, I could import 6 memory cards at the same time. That was a G5 running Leopard. Now, with the new Mac Pro, using Snow Leopard, I can only get Image Capture to import one card at a time. While importing this single card is faster, it is costing me more time since I have to import each card individually. So my question is: am I missing something? Is there something I can do to import more than one card at a time? Or is the a Snow Leopard "issue" or is this (more likely) an Intel chip issue?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 10GB Ram