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I bought the Netgear WN3000RP range extender and can' set it up?  looking for the WPS button on Airport.

imac osx, Mac OS X (10.4)
Reply by Tesserax on Jul 3, 2011 2:20 PM Helpful

Unfortunately, you won't find one as the AirPorts do not support WPS functionality. In addition, extending the AirPort with another vendor's product will most likely not work anyway as most non-Apple products are not WDS-compatible. Sorry!

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    Unfortunately, you won't find one as the AirPorts do not support WPS functionality. In addition, extending the AirPort with another vendor's product will most likely not work anyway as most non-Apple products are not WDS-compatible. Sorry!

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    I figured it out,  Best Buy told me how to do it.

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    Could I trouble you to please share the solution that Best Buy offered to solve this? Others, that may want to try this approach, could certainly benefit from what you learned. Thanks!

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    Go to http://www.mywifiext.net/start.htm


    Follow directions, fairly simple.

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    airport extreme supports WPS half way. i have tried to write apple and steve jobs to ask him why they aren't doing more with WPS. but they don't respond.


    The Airport Extreme WILL negioate a WPS session for clients joining the network only


    The Airport Extreme WILL NOT allow WPS clients to configure the airport.


    the feature is buried in add wireless clients.

         run airport utility

         double click on your base station, click on Add wireless clients..


    allow client by first attempt = is the equivelent of pressing "the button" on WPS enabled routers

    PIN # = allow client to connect by PIN number.


    you can also tell the airport to allow the device to connect to it for 24 hours


    i have 2 known WPS enabled wirless clients and they both have been able to connect to an airport extreme base station with WPS , one was a  Trend Net usb wifi adapter and the other was a HP Photosmart c410a printer.


    it is puzzling apple why doesn't do anything with WPS. their Airport clearly supports allowing clients from different manfactures to connect to it via WPS but there is not a single apple cient that supports it.


    it would be great if the iphone, ipod touch, or any of the mac computers could connect to it this way but apple chooses to ignore it , its really hard to type on the iphone and any way of copying and pasting your wireless key really helps



    what this means is for the user with a WPS enabled device, like a HP brand printer, is that one does not have to type in the key on the printer to let the printer connect to the airport, the user simply runs airport utility, selects add wireless cients, tell it first attempt and it will sit there and wait and when the Wifi protected Setup device, tries to connect to it, the airport sends the printer your network key, and within 5 seconds your printer is on your wireless networks without having to type the key in



    another thing i wish to address is that WDS (Wireless Distrubution System) is not a standard, there is no universal standard that all wireless manufacturs

    agree to allow clients from one manufacturer to WDS with another clients router.


    WDS is a technlogy, it is not a standard


    so if the range extender is using WDS then it is quite possible that even with Wifi protected setup, WDS will still not work.

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    Come on!  I've been tearing my hair out for weeks trying to setup a !#$@!! Netgear WN3000RP extender.  I eventually borrowed an ethernet cable and connected the extender to my intel imac 10.6.7, and then I could finally access mywifiext.com.  But after filling out the setup pages, and using Airport to connect to the _EXT network, I can't get my browser to load any web pages.


    What security did you choose? WEP, WPA, WPA2?  My router is using WEP.  I did not understand the setup page where I entered my WEP password, and next to the textbox was a 'Generate' button.  What was that for?


    (By the way, name is "admin" and password is "password" at www.wifiext.com.)

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    Just use the "manual" setup.


    Basically, connect the WN3000RP to your computer with a network cable and it will provide a webpage to setup

    with wireless.   Just enter your passphrase and black magic does the rest.  Out of the box to running OK with MacBookPro in about 5 minutes.


    Incidentally, if you still have any Win boxes on your network, be sure windows and any wireless software are up to date.  I have an old Win portable and my Intel ProSet software couldn't deal with switching from TimeCapsule(Airport) to the EXT version. Went to Intel site and downloaded latest version and problem went away.

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    Same result as 7stud. Config page asks for WEP passphrase, which I enter, but then have to generate another key. This is confusing!

    So i do this anyway, and then when set up enter the new encrypted key as the wep password (when prompted), and I seem to get a connection signal. But when I try to load a webpage, it fails.

    Macbook OSX Lion

    Airport Express connected to TP-Link router

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    The trick is setting the apple router as normal, and setting up the extender using the wi-fi connector tool on your device.  No need to use cable - use the internet browser to connect to the device set-up page.

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    What exactly do you mean by setting up the apple router as normal?

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    For anyone who has Mac Address isolation (timed access in airport language) setup on their airport router.... Be sure to add the virtual mac address of each device you wish to pass through the range extender to your list of allowed devices on your airport router. For my setup the Netgear range extended changed the first three MAC address segments to the following: 02:0F:B5:


    Try adding another entry into your allowed devices on your airport with those three segments fixed and the last three segments from the actual device MAC address and you may solve the issue.


    I was struggling with this for a while and getting the same results as 7stud and appletese until i added these entries to my allowed devices on the airport router.


    Hope this helps anyone with a similar issue.

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    I am NOT a tech savvy person.  This manual version explained by anthdoyle worked perfectly for me the first time.  I don't know why there are so many complicated responses on this blog?  The Netgear webpage that came up on my Mac was very easy to use and configured the Wifi extender.  It works great.  Those telling you that it won't and you need Apple products must work for Apple!  Good luck.