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I have multiple albums I want to delete from the Iphone4 but can only delete the photos, how can I delete the Albums?

iPhone 4
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    When you go on iTunes, go to iPhone and go to photos. Click sync albums and a box might show up asking you if you're sure and click yes/ sync. Then there is an option to choose all albums or choose which albums you want to put on your iPhone and the ones you don't. Check the box next to the albums you want to keep on your iPhone. Last, you click the apply button on the bottom right hand corner to have these changes saved to your iPhone.

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    same way they go there--through iTunes synch.  Simply uncheck those albums in iTunes that you don't want to synch anymore.  Synch your device and the photos should be removed.



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    These are albums created on the iphone and don't show up in itunes, Ive already tried that.

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    You cannot create albums on the iPhone.


    Is your phone Jailbroken?  If so, we cannot help you further.

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    i think i have done it..

    i connected my phone to my computer then went into my itunes, clicked photo tab, checked sync photos from-

    clicked apply,  watched up the top loading then when it went to step 2 i clicked the little x in the right corner,

    then it asked if i wanted to delete the photos and i clicked delete then unchecked sync with.. and hey presto it worked, now all i have in my photos is camera roll.

    i had the same issue that nothing was in the photo tab and it was not checked,..

    I hope this helps