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  • MlchaelLAX Level 4 Level 4

    Andrew: If I miss you, this earlier message from Ralph to me signalled the way to it working for me in 10.7.3...


  • Rav4Baby Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Michael,


    Ok I guess there IS SOUND, but for some reason it is super choppy and the video is not smooth either as we saw.


    Too bad, I'll try 10.7.3 to see if it is the OS version.





  • Ralph Johns (UK) Level 9 Level 9



    As Micheal points out the Firmware needs to be updated to the last one (1.0.3)


    It is needed as this is an Audio Update to the camera and effects many apps that Apple Supply with the OS.


    The Update is in earlier OS versions and is Triggered by running Software Update.

    The File is in the Hard drive/System/Library/CoreServices/iSight Updater

    However it is not present in Snow Leopard (I am not sure about Leopard as I am away from my G4 today)


    If you have a computer with this folder you can run the updater manually.

    It is an Update that will only run on an OS that can run PCC or Universal written software (not Intel only)



    9:30 PM      Saturday; April 13, 2013

    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"


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     MacBookPro 2Gb( 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
     iMac OS X 10.8.3

    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • medwu Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue

    thanks to everyone

    i hvae solved it

    now works perfectly under 10.8.3


    anyone who need isight which can run under 10.8.3

    plz email me

    i will send it to you

  • Rav4Baby Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all,


    It was a software issue, I tried 10.7.5 and it worked fine.


    I tried reparing disk permissions, but this didn't seem to do anything.

    I reinstalled 10.8 and it is working now!!!



  • Rav4Baby Level 1 Level 1

    Ok after messing with it for another half day, I figured it out.


    10.8.3 had some updates to audio of some sort.  It stops the mic from working in Photobooth and messes up Skype for me (sound cuts in and out).

    I tried repairing disk permission, but this didn't fix the problem.


    I eventually put 10.8.2 back on and everything is happy now.

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