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    Couldn't agree more. Too big and too greedy. But this I think is more of an issue related to their pretenciousness.


    Which even though is something that they always had, they always managed to be intelligent enough to not underestimate their customers. It's a shame that now this no longer seems to be the case.


    I really can't understand how a company this big, with the name it has and a tradidion to always bring stuff that "simply work" and are pristine in nature in most senses could rush the development of a core application so much to the point of not realizing it was not only working but was inferior to something that they already had. This is beyond me to understand.


    No to mention the quantity of wrong maps and entire areas covered by clouds. This is too stupid to be Apple. Steve Jobs is probably rolling in his grave.


    Anyways... if this is what Apple has become, I think it's time to look elsewhere.

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    Tested Maps app right after downloading it.  Driving to Port Severn Ontario.  Could not find the town although in busy cottage country.  Google Maps - no problem.  The only way I could get to it with the Maps app was to drop a pin and navigate to it.


    Turn by turn voice directions quite annoying.  Used it in the Toronto area and was constantly told to stay in the right lane???? Not necessary to do anything at all for several miles.  Terrible voice!  I ran the Maps app on my iPhone along with my TomTom car GPS and the graphics in the Maps app compared quite favourably with TomTom which is the only positive thing I can say about the app so far.


    Miss Google Maps and how well it was integrated into other apps.  Miss Street View.


    Going to Asia soon and reluctant to try to use Maps there if proving to be so unreliable.


    Using Google Maps via Internet but wish I could have the old app back.

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    Use the google maps on Safari that's if you live in the real world and not on the Apple planet, their Maps app with OS6 is a horror story. I went to look at a place called Paremata in NZL and a complete harbour is missing; like it's around 15 Km x 7 Km in size and full of salt water, yet in Apple world it's been totally deleted. Maybe we're expected to walk across it now that it has been rmoved from the real world..... Jobs would be rolling around in his grave if this debacle happened on his watch, now they are blaming Tom Tom the Dutch who they brought the data from Ha Ha....

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    Yeah but that's not a real solution since it's not integrated into other apps. Apple Maps engine is used by many more apps than just Apple's own Maps application. So the real damage is even bigger than what most are paying attention.


    What's even more laughable is that now that Facebook is integrated into iOS6, the Facebook app instead of using Apple's Maps application it launches Safari with Google Maps. Even their partners don't seem to trust Apple for directions.


    And Tim Cook's letter regarding the Maps application is nothing but a joke. But it must have been real difficult for Apple to write that down:


    While we’re improving Maps, you can try alternatives by downloading map apps from the App Store like Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or use Google or Nokia maps by going to their websites and creating an icon on your home screen to their web app.


    Having to point people to use Microsoft®, Google® or Nokia® products should serve as real lesson for Apple®.


    Everything we do at Apple is aimed at making our products the best in the world. We know that you expect that from us, and we will keep working non-stop until Maps lives up to the same incredibly high standard.


    Keep working? Really? Fix the **** thing already by replacing it for what we know it works! And leave Apple® Maps® for iOS 12.

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    Thanks Claudio,


    Just check out the app and must say I am highly impressed. I have already recommended the app to all my friends currently using iPhones.


    Thanks once again.

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    Maps+ app for the iPhone is also good and still uses Google Maps as it's map engine. The only downside is that it's paid and results for searches like "supermarket" or "gas station" are not even close to what the old Maps app use to deliver. But at least the map detail is there, street names are correct and directions work.

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    Just wanted to share my 2¢ from another discussion thread with true believers.

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    It's widely known that this app is worthless.  Not allowing users to delete is adds insult to injury.  It may be my imagination, but it seems to me that using Google Calendar on iOS devices used to be easier too.  If Apple doesn't stop putting its petty corporate rivalries ahead of user experience they're going to lose many customers, myself included.

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