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Hello all, i've been  going through an issue on my macbook pro that i can't seem to fix.


It started happening after i applied the 10.6.8 update. the issue is my settings from various applications won't save. for example: my trackpad settings in system prefs won't save (tap to click, dragging, secondary click)

itunes asks if i will accept license agreement on every startup, keychain won't update password, and things like that.


i read somewhere that i should repair disk permissions. i have done that and still have the same problem.


i'm not sure what's going on but would like some help on resolving the issue.

(**my macbook pro i'm using was a restored backup from my imac's time machine if this has to do with anything)

  • Linc Davis Level 10 Level 10 (153,595 points)

    In a Finder window, select the icon of your home folder in the sidebar and open the Info window. In the Sharing & Permissions section, make sure you have read/write access. Click the lock icon and authenticate, then from the action menu (gear icon), select "Apply to enclosed items." Close the Info window and try again.

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    thanks man it worked! At first when i saw my home folder's info, it was already read & write (custom access) then i tried it again and my settings have saved. thanks much

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    Thank you, thank you!! I was having the same problem, read your fix and it worked for me too -- you saved me a lot of blood, sweat and tears!


    I'm also having a problem where my Mac doesn't remember things -- like when I put something in the Dock it's gone after I do a restart. Do you have an ideas on that?

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    Move the file Library/Preferences/com.apple.dock.db in your home folder to the Trash, log out, log back in, and empty the Trash.

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    Yay – it worked! You did it again - many thanks for your help!

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    THANK YOU!!! I had been struggling with this problem for a very long time and now it is finally resolved!

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    i have a funny problem - just upgraded to LION & each time i change any settings e.g. desktop background or track pad settings - post me restarting the machine all changes get "unsaved"....so when i read ur post i thought d same could be my issue...but then it is not letting me get added as a "name"

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    Have some problemes with my macbook pro early 2011. My trackpad dont work as well . Frequently when i try to click the close button or somthing else it's "freezing". Its neccesary to click to another place and then work. What is the solve of my problem ? Sorry for my bad bad english