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Having a problem with Keynote - hyperlinks stop working when in presenter mode with notes?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    +1. Does anyone know what the heck is going on with this??? Running the latest version of Keynote on Lion.

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    Looks like Apple still didn't fix this - among other bugs - in two years.

    VERY disappointed. Pull yourself together, Apple!

    It's high time for a good iWork and iEverything revamp.




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    I have used Keynote for six years and have not been aware of any issues with hyperlinks not working.


    What doesnt work, what bugs are you refering to?

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    I find hyperlinks not working properly in presentation mode: sometimes they do work, sometimes they do not. sometimes I just have to wait and the transition will eventually happen.

    Moreover, there is the staggering problem of Keynote deciding not to open its own files from one day to another.

    It happened to me yesterday and it's not for the first time. Even with small files, Keynote seems to have issues opening presentations with vector files (someone in the forums said something about vectors with text and outlines, but can't really get around it.).

    A lot of people seems to have the same problems, there are posts that date back to 2009.
    Some of them (probably at the time) went back to keynote 08, others tried to rename the .key presentation, decompress it and name it back to .key, but no solution seems to work for me.

    The dumbest thing is that, one out of 10 times maybe, Keynote opens the file as if nothing happened!

    Looks to me like it's really some problem with presentation with vectorial elements, but I really can't figure out what the problem is.


    I just uninstalled the whole iWork 09 suite, did some disk checks, permission repair, cache cleaning, font checking.. and everything is fine. I'll have to try some torrented Keynote version, because I don't want to go back to the "install 9.0 update to 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3" path.
    I'm afraid I'll have to use Powerpoint to get the work done, at least until a major updgrade of iWork hits the AppStore..

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    There has been a major issue with older Keynote project files not being recognised, from recent posts that has been improved by software update.


    The other symptoms you are experiencing should not be occurring, and I am sure these can be fixed. Many users have reported the following procedure sorts out most issues with Keynote.


    Keynote maintenance

    This must be done in the following order:


    1 - Delete Keynote in its entirety, this must be done correctly with an application remover, I use Appzapper but the free and effective Appcleaner works equally well, it is available from Macupdate


    2 -  Log in to the Apple App Store and download Keynote again.


    3 - shut down the mac

    • restart and press shift key immediately after the start chime sound


    • keep shift pressed until the gray apple  appears


    • let the mac run while on the gray screen, it is repairing the software installation and will take at least 10 mins


    • when the desktop appears go to applications > utilities > disc utility > first aid and repair permissions


    • restart the Mac normally



    Please report back on how Keynote is running.

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    Thanks for your extensive answer.

    I used AppZapper too, and I managed to check and repair permissions (just in case).
    Someone suggested the problem might depend on problems with fonts, so I used the FontBook.app to check for duplicates and drastically solve the conflicts.

    All of that turned out to be useless.

    In a desperate move, I decided to wipe the disk and re-install everything by using an already up-to-date os and app (Lion 10.7.5 and Keynote 2.3, downloaded from the AppStore).

    Well.. this did not work either. What keeps puzzling me is that Keynote opens the file once out of 20 times.

    That's how I managed to save an exported version in PowerPoint format and TIFF files.. just in case.


    The only thing I see in common with the hundreds of threads is that, in my keynote file (which weighs less than 1MB) I'm using vector shapes (purchased a very nice toolkit with vectors for iOS/Android/other interfaces to create mockups, wireframes and so on).

    Does it ring any bell?