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Hey there all,

I have an original iPhone that I use as an iPod Touch(not activated for AT&T phone use). It got dropped into water and I was mostly successful in getting it dried out but, there are a couple of spots now where the display doesn't respond to touch. One of those spots is where I need to press "OK/Cancel" to access the App Store. The screen won't rotate in this mode, so I can't use landscape to touch a different spot on the display so, my question is how do I updates the apps short of deleting them and reinstalling via my desktop iMac.


Thanks for any assist.

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Solved by wjosten on Jul 5, 2011 6:29 AM Solved

You don't have to delete the apps you want to update on your phone first, just do the update in iTunes on your computer, then sync your phone. That's all you have to do to update the apps on your phone.