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Okay, like millions of others that have been setting your hair on fire since the bizarre version of iMovie Pro, or sorry, I mean Final Cut Pro, I will need to migrate my work to a different editing application. I will obviously use Final Cut Studio 3 for a few more months before I uninstall that too.


So let us discuss alternatives that you all recommend. The closest one that I can find is Adobe Premiere as it resembles final cuts interface. What are your experiences with it?


I have already purchased Avid for our media studio to replace FCP but are considering other applications too. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.


And please do not try to advertise FCP X as a good product when it isn't. I have given up hope on the FCP application because I cannot see Apple releasing a version for it that will be an "upgrade" of the pro series, rather than a massive downgrade like the X version.