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I bought my iPhone 4 at Kingston's Apple Store (August 2010), so England, but I live in Italy, and when I landed in Italy (August 2010) I've had no problem with the time zone, the time works fine.

The problem is when I went to Crete in Greece last week (June 2011), just landed, turn my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3.3) on, and it show me the time zone of London, so 2 hours later respect Crete. But the most curious is that, the iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3.3) of my wife, shows Italy's time zone for about 4 day, and only after that, it changes to Crete's time zone, and my iPhone 4 go on showing me the London's time zone for the entire one week holiday.

Please! Is there anyone who can help me?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    Please! anyone... help me!

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    Outlook on PC

    Time zone – do not change ever!  Or else your event times will change

    I enter event times in Outlook as per the local time of the meeting (e.g. 10am Fri in France is entered as such, NOT as 1am Fri Phoenix time)  So do not change time zones in Outlook and I highly advise not to add any extra time zones to your calendar.  The people who programmed this feature at Microsoft have never left their desks or have ever traveled in their lives.  Dual time zones will get business people in big trouble.  What’s not to understand about a 10am meeting in New York? Is there calculus involved so that you’re forced to add a calendar if you live in Denver?

    Incoming email – will always be time stamped as per your Time Zone setting.  Example:  You’re in Germany (noon), and your Time Zone is set to Phoenix (3am), the time stamp of an incoming email will be “12:00PM”no matter how you have your PC clock set.

    Calendar Alerts – This will totally screw you up.  Alerts sound off based on your PC clock.  Example: You’re in France and have entered your event time on your calendar for10am (local meeting time in France even though you entered it from your desk last week in Phoenix).  The alert will sound off 9 hours late because Outlook matches the time/date in the Calendar with the time/date of the PC.  Remedy –where ever you are, quickly set your PC clock to local time.  Only then will your alerts be accurate.

    PC clock – Affects calendar alerts


    iPhone – Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendar – Calendar –Time Zone Support

    Time zone – set to your home base (e.g. New York, NY) and DO NOT touch EVER!  Changing this will shift your entire calendar – that’s all of your events.  Which Apple programmer decided this option was even an option?  Very short sighted

    Time Zone Support – Leave ON at all times.  Otherwise your appointment times will shift (all of them in your whole calendar) This is not very helpful; in fact it’s downright destructive.  Which Apple programmer plagued us with this option?


    iPhone Calendar Alerts (Useless when out of your time zone)

    The phone will sound an alert based on the lead time you requested and the time of the event based on the time zone you have selected in Time Zone Support – see above.  If you are planning to call someone or attend a meeting while you are physically out of your time zone you will not be alerted correctly.  The alert will sound based on the Time Zone selected on the iPhone.  Remedy – there is none and don’t even think about changing the Time Zone setting or turning off Time Zone Support.

    It’s not my job to calculate differences in time zones for my appointments while traveling.  This is Apple’s job – they forgot to connect alerts to the local cell time like they did with the alarm clock feature.  At least they did one thing correctly.  I recommend setting default alerts for all calendar inputs to “OFF” if possible.  When I’m in a foreign country my iPhone is constantly waking me up in the middle of the night sounding alerts for the wrong times based on my home base time zone.  Now you’d think that since the Apple nerd programmer got the wake-up alarm correct by connecting it to the local cell time, that it would be a slam dunk doing the same with alerts.  I guess not; that’s why they’re called nerds.

    All of the above is testimony and proof why the iPhone is not for business even though every mobile device critic in the world rates the iPhone as #1.  There’s something fishy when the iPhone beats every HTC phone on the market.  Don’t get me wrong – I think Jobs invented a fantastic smart phone and marketed it correctly.  But now that everyone owns AAPL stock, the reviews are getting very biased in my opinion. CNET critics for example will feature the top 5 smart phones taking 60seconds tearing each one apart until the iPhone is shown last as #1 and he simply says, “And the iPhone stills holds first place.” And then goes to commercial.

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    Thanks for this b - u t  if I don't change my time zone, then the time display is wrong -- set to my home address rather than my business travel location. Help! I too have had LOADS of problems with this, appts shifting to middle of the night, birthdays showing up on wrong days, etc. HELP solve this please.

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    AppleCare gave me the answer to this:


    • Under General, scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose Reset.
    • Under Reset choose the top setting: Reset All Settings (don't worry all of your apps and music will still be on your phone when you are done).
    • Proceed through all the Reset stages, when you get to the step that asks if you want to set your phone as a new phone or to restore from a backup, choose NEW.
    • You will have to go through choosing the language and time zone you want, and a few other setup issues (like turning on or off Siri), but when you are done you will have an iPhone with the correct time zone and all of your apps and music. NOTE: some user defined settings such as backgrounds will reset to the default.


    I hope this fixes your problem like it did mine. About 2 minutes and everything worked again.



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    Do not reset the phone unless you have a current backup (preferably on iCloud, or on a nearby computer).  Resetting will make your phone unusable without these options, and YOU MAY LOSE everything on your phone.


    Believe it or not, an Apple "Genius" did this to me without asking, leaving me away from my backup, with no way to activate my phone (Yes, it required that I do that, too.)


    Setting your phone up as NEW erases everything in most cases.