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my apple id doesnt work

MacBook Pro
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    Mine either - can't log in using any of my devices.  Did you find a solution?

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    More info please. Error messages?

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    Oh boy, ragulto13...are you sitting down?  Here's what's happened so far.  I'll skip to the relevant stuff in the past 24 hours to spare you.


    I couldn't sign in on my daughter's PC (Windows), my iPhone or my brand new MacBook Pro.  This has been in the past week.  Before going away on vacation, I never had a problem.  All software on all devices is up to date.  By a fluke I guess, I was able to access my account on my phone and updated the credit card information in case maybe that was the issue.  It downloaded an app update so I thought all was good.  Then I tried to sign into iTune with the account.  Error message same as always "Cannot complete your iTunes Store request.  The secure network connection was refused.  There was an error in the iTunes Store,   Please try again later."  I've been seeing this for a week.  Should be noted that both my kids can access the store no problem on their iPods and the PC.


    Fast forward to this morning.  I gave up and created a new Apple ID using another email address I had.  Used the same credit card information that I just updated my old ID with.  Signed into iTunes no problem.  But now I can't change the ID on my phone.  Uhmmm, there's more.  I just signed into iTunes with my new ID and I get a new error message: "Could not complete your iTunes Store request.  An unknown error has occurred (504)  There was an error in the iTunes Store.  Please try again later."


    I'm getting really frustrated!!  I've had to create a new ID which I suppose means that I'll lose all my music that's on my phone, right?  Also, not sure if this makes a difference, but since I don't have a credit card, my husband gave me his...and I also put the billing address in his name so it would all match.  I've emailed Apple and keep getting the same "pre-fab" replies telling me to do things where I need to sign in.  Which part of "I can't sign in with my ID" don't they get??  I've talked to a tech who couldn't help.  Talked to our ISP who said it's NOT a network issue since both my kids can use it.


    Please help if you can

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    use Network Diagnostics:


    1) Open iTunes.


    2) Choose Diagnostics from the Help menu at the top.


    3) Select Network Diagnostics and click Run. A report will show your Network Interface Status, your Internet Connection Status, and your iTunes Store Connection Status.


    Send the result to iTunes customer support if this does not resolve the problem. You may also need to send them the name of any firewall, antivirus, or security software installed on your computer.



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    I was on East coast and my Dad had a simular problem. I solved his fairly easily and hope and may help you. I deleated keychain pw to account. I then changed password to a new one and this worked to get his back on!

    Hope that helps John

    You do not want a new ID as you will lose all of your app downloads free or paid-the paid ones I am sure you do not want to resubmit and pay for again.

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    Hi ragulto13,

    I don't see an option for diagnostics in iTunes on my Mac.  Or would you be referring to iTunes on my daughter's PC?  Does it matter where I run the diagnostics/


    I will try your suggestion axis360.  I was wondering if it had something to do with being an admin or not as well....


    The more I think about this, the more frustrated and confused I get.  I really appreciate the help you've been providing.

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    Axis, do you mean delete the admin keychain password and change it, or delete the keychain password for my Apple ID and change it.  Will I then need to change the password through the iTunes store as well.  Sorry, it's my first Mac, and I'm still trying to find my way around.  If you could guide me, it'd be appreciated

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    I would try just to delete keychain password for your apple ID so it is not stored and have cause to corrupt your password. Yes you will have to get a new password as you are changing it. Do not set up a new mobileme or apple id. You need to use the same ID so you can retrieve and link up to what you already have. IE apps, saved files and the like.

    Hope this helps and by the way my name is John