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I am using a 2011 Macbook Pro core i7 2.0ghz and Safari 5.0.5 is acting strangely.


Firstly, sometimes when I am on youtube the video will keep playing but I cannot click anything on the webpage. The whole page is unresponsive. I cannot scrub through the video, pause it or click any links on the page. I loaded up the same page on Firefox and it works fine.


Also the above happens on google too. I typed in a search and hit enter and nothing happens it didnt register that I had clicked search or hit enter.


Secondly sometimes the webpage will hang and not load. It will load up about a inch of the blue loading bar then hang and nothing happens. Other occassions the grey spindle by the refresh button will just spin endlessly and not stop.


I have had none of these issues on Firefox on the same webpages.


Is it a hardware or software issue?