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I have purchased many songs from iTunes, both on my computer and on my iPhone over the past year or so.  However, only some of them are showing up in iTunes and iPod.  I have receipts still from iTunes stating that I paid and purchased them and they were even in my library and on my iPod for some time but I went to listen to a couple of songs yesterday and couldn't find them anywhere; both browsing for the song and the artist.  I went to my computer to see if they where there to re-sync but they were not in my library either.  I'm not sure what happened to them as I haven't done anyting different.  I tried restarting my iPhone and, closing and reopening iPod and even rebooting the computer, still nothing.  I have red some threads stating that you should change the language to French, did that, still nothing.  I'm not sure what the issue is but I have proof that I paid for the songs but they are no longer around.  I'm very frustrated!  Any help would be great.


I've also been experiencing issues with updating the software.  Sometimes I get a timed out error which is odd since I have an internet connection with no issues.  It gets all the way to the end and won't complete.  I try two or three times and give up and then the next day I may try again and it will work without issues.  I have the iPhone 4 and have software update 4.3.2 but have not successfully done the 4.3.3 yet as I keep getting the update error and it's driving me insane!


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 




iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2