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Can I import Firefox bookmarks to Safari?  If so, how?

Safari, Windows XP Pro
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    Yes you can. The following text is from the Safari help:


    You can export your bookmarks from Firefox and use them in Safari.


    To export bookmarks from Firefox:


    • Open Firefox and choose Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks.
    • In the Firefox Bookmarks Manager, choose File > Export.
    • Choose a location and name for the file. The default name is "bookmarks," and the default location is the My Documents folder.
    • Click Save.



    To import your Firefox bookmarks into Safari:


      • Open Safari and choose File > Import Bookmarks. (If the File menu isn't visible, press the Alt key to show the menu bar.)
      • Select the bookmarks file you created and click Import.


      If these instructions don't work with your version of Firefox, check Firefox Help for instructions on exporting bookmarks.