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iPad will not sync to iTunes

iPad, iOS 4.3.2
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    Meaning what? You connected and it will not sync? The device isn't recognized? I'm trying my best to read your mind.


    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows



    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X



    If you can provide a bit more specific information, it might be easier to point you in the right direction.

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    well mine won't sync and its saying something abou I gotta have appleservice or something like its gotta be on the at&t plan or something. I don't have a 3g just wireless. what gives I needto put more music on my IPad.

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    If your iPad is not a 3G iPad, I have no clue about this message. Even if it is a 3G, I know nothing about how those iPads work with regard to data plans and any message you may get when syncing.

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    Hey I also im kind of in the same boat but different problem. I have new macbook pro and I cannot sync my ipod into my itunes and vice versa. I have not exceeded my itunes library allowance. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to solve it? My original ipod settings were for PC then I have just switched to macbook.



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    I'm not sure what you mean about exceeding the iTunes library allowance - unless you mean the 5 computer maximum for authorizing iTunes content with one iTunes account.


    If you previously synced your iDevice to a different computer, iTunes will tell you now - that if you sync to a new computer all of your content will be erased. Is that the message that you get? If my assumption is correct, you have to transfer the iTunes library from the PC to the MacBook. You can backup the iTunes content onto DVD and restore the library on the MacBook, you can transfer the library to an external hard drive and restore the library that way.


    If you no longer have the PC or don't have any other way to transfer the library to a new computer, here are a couple of software applications that will do this for you - iPod to the computer.  I know nothing about these applications, but here are the links if you want to check them out.



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    hi Demo, u seem pretty knowledgeable about this stuff and i'll try to give as much info as possible:


    my iPad 2 will not sync to iTunes. I plug the USB cable into my computer and into my iPad. It says it reconizes the camera but the "device" tab (where the "Music", "Store", "Genius", "Playlist" is located) doesn't appear. I've tried the settings of iTunes, my iPad settings, shutting down iTunes, and nothing is working. Can you please help me?

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    I am having the same problem as OutRagourGameR