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When running more than one tab in safari, if you grab a tab with your mouse and drag it down to create a new instance of safari in a new window, on my machine (unibody macbook pro 2008 15"), the stoplight and address bar become detached from the window, and the actual browser window looks more like an application preview than an active window, with the graphics being slightly blurred.


Anyone else see the same behaviors?

imac 24 alum, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    What version of Safari?


    It sounds like it's getting stuck & not completing.


    Not certain which OSX that Mac is running, but check for a compatible version of AJ.


    At this point I think you should get Applejack...




    After installing, reboot holding down CMD+s, (+s), then when the DOS like prompt shows, type in...


    applejack AUTO


    Then let it do all 6 of it's things.


    At least it'll eliminate some questions if it doesn't fix it.


    The 6 things it does are...


    Correct any Disk problems.

    Repair Permissions.

    Clear out Cache Files.

    Repair/check several plist files.

    Dump the VM files for a fresh start.

    Trash old Log files.


    First reboot will be slower, sometimes 2 or 3 restarts will be required for full benefit... my guess is files relying upon other files relying upon other files! :-)

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    Safari version 5.0.5


    I'll give your suggestions a shot later this afternoon to see if it helps.  It's not a major thing for me, but just more curious than anything else if it may be a bug in the software, or more an error/bug on only my mac.