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Hey pals, somehow, I turned on the mac, went to the bathroom, the mac initiated okay, sounding like the turbine of an F-14, as usual when you turn it on, but after all the stuff was loaded, minutes later, the spins started to spin faster and faster! I turned off the mac immediately. Now is quite, but I'm wondering how the mac could get that over spinning! If it happens when I'm not in home and the mac is turned on, doing some automated task it may blow!


Any idea what could be the cause of the problem?


Thanks in advance, pals.



MacPro Hapertown, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 8 cores
  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9 (54,330 points)

    Hardware turns the fans to maximum by default. Only the incessant intervention of properly-running software resets them to a normal level. If the software crashes, the hardware sends the fans to high. This system avoids a meltdown.


    So it appears your software crashed. If it keeps doing this, you will want to read out the crash report and figure out why.

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    I think no software were crashing at the moment. I just turned on the mac, a fan speed increasing happened, as usual, then went down, as usual too. Opened Photoshop to start working, Mail to see if anything important, Safari to read some news and Numbers, in order to check some data. Nothing unusual, I do this every day. Been checking mail, etc... 5-10 minutes later, I leave my chair, go to the bath and start hearing the fans spinning like a turbine. Nothing were wrong, actually, just that. So I directly shut down the system by holding the power button. Then I turned on again and everything is okay so far.


    However, I will keep in mind the SMC thing, just because one of the symptoms is the fans speeding, just in case.


    Thanks for the answers guys



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    The other possibility that must be ruled out is that your Mac really is getting too hot.


    Do you have the Mac Pro in a confined space? Do you have enough cool air availble, and are you allowing the hot air to escape?


    Have you checked the inside for dust bunnies?

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    Hi Grant,


    Yeah, the Mac has enough room to breath I have this machine since more than 2 years ago located exactly in the same place. I use to clean it from time to time. I think it probably was a random thing... I don't know what could been the cause but's working like a charm again


    Thank you very much for your care!