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When I export my finished project, it gets green flickering graphics over the videoimage on huge parts of my movie, some parts play OK, but other parts get this green flickering over the movie. I am at work now, so I can't upload a screenshot. The movie plays fine inside FCPX.


I tried eksporting, using export movie - current settings, and export movie -H.264, and prores. I even tried to share it via compressor. The result is the same. I tried with different projects - same result. I even tried with a "pure" project (no transistions, generators, effects or anything) - same result.


I had no problems like this earlier. A couple of days ago I installed some free motion templates and some effects from FXfactory. I think it was after that the problems started. I deleted the free motion templates, and uninstalled the fxfactory app (with appcleaner), but it doesn't help.


I\m thinking of reinstalling fcpx, but how do I do that without losing my imported media?


Anyone experienced the same problems? Or anyone with a suggestion to a solution?



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    Skjermbilde 2011-07-07 kl. 13.53.06.png
    This is what it looks like

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    I to have experienced this issue. I had to re-import the footage and go from there. I can only guess that the footage is curpted in some way.

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    I can´t see how the footage could be corrupted. I tried import a couple of clips now directly from my card. Same problems there, so I don´t think the files are corrupted, it must be something else.


    If I copy the final cut events folder and the projects folder - uninstall fcpx - and then reinstall - can I simply drag the copied folders in to the the appropriate folders in the new installment of fcpx?

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    HI guys,

    I have had exactly the same problem: After having edited a magazine story, which I had exported into a .mov file, my whole material was flickering like "gunfighter" has experienced , too. It is a nightmare! FCP x is a big ****:




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    I tried again to export a project that resided on my internal HD. Now it worked like a charm. The thing that worries me, is that it seems totally random. I haven´t done anything different then when I tried earlier today (and I got the flickering green screen shown above).


    Makes me wonder??


    How can I trust a software that acts irrationally like this? What is causing it? Why did it get fixed by itself? Will it work tomorrow and so on?


    Btw, being just an amateur, I must say that I really enjoy many of the features in fcpx, but I am disappointed about this random thing describes in the post.

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    I've experienced it a couple of times now, and I think it has to do with write speeds (depending on the speed of the hard drive and how much of the resources are being eat up at the time of the export). I go back and fourth between motion and CS5. They don't always give back all the resources that they consume.


    In those instances, I've had the green flicker on export. On another instance, I tried to export from a project set up on one of my 7200 rpm hard drives to a client's 5400 rpm hard drive. Got the same flicker. I think the resource issue with what only causes it to happen sometimes. I'd suggest doing a clean restart and exporting to your computer HD (as opposed to any externals you might be using).


    In the couple of instances I've had this issue, this seemed to resolve it.

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    Out of curiosity, are any of you with this problem running multiple GPU systems? If so, have you tried a single GPU configuration (if possible of course)? Just wondering if that would make any difference.


    Found this kbase article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3842 Final Cut Pro X: Systems with two graphics cards may export QuickTime movies with green artifacts

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    I had a problem like thins in FCP7. Found out my sequence file was messed up. so I had to make a new sequence  problem solved

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    Sequences?? What are those?