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Hi I need to install FCS 3 from the original DVD on a new 8 core next week. Will I be able to download the upgrades? Thanks

Final Cut Studio '09, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    you mean updates




    go to Apple menu > Software updates

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    Yeap sorry I mean Updates

    I did go to the download page (http://support.apple.com/downloads/#final%20cut%20studio%203) but funny enough I can only see updates for final cut studio 1 and 2 not for Final cut studio 3 that is the one I need.

    Would you have a link I can follow?

    Much appreciated

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    There are lots of individual updates you would need to track down. There isn't an allinone solution. So the best method is to follow Gary's instructions and do a software update after install. It will automatically find and list then download and install all your needed updates.

    Pi Digital

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    Thx for your reply, I know you are right, I am just panicking as I am close to a dead line for a long project and need to set up a grading online suite (Color + FCS) next week to deliver it.

    I read somewhere that as a cherry on top of the FCX saga and FCS being withdrawn from the shelves, Apple is going to cancel the updates for FCS 3 from their download page,  resulting for me to sit with a buggy software (FCS 3 without upgrades)  and a pretty much useless new software (FCX) just at the end of a 8 months long production.

    That's why I am trying to look for the updates now, while I am waiting for the new 8 core to be delivered, hoping I will be able to install them on the new machine when it arrives. Sort of a thank you for being a loyal customer for the last 15 years.

    Also I thought I could find the updates packages on my laptop which I cannot find, hence I am feeling like someone condemned to the gallows waiting for next week and see what will happen.

    I think I ll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

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    this may not fully meet your aspirations:





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    Yeap I found it and downloaded it together with this http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1385

    Thanks a million for your help