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I bought my 17" Macbook Pro about 4 years ago and while sitting idle for about ten minutes it the screen went completely blank. After many reboots to a black screen with no chimes I realised something could be very wrong. On bringing it to an apple dealer in Dublin I hope that this might be the nVidia issue and I'll get it fixed for free. Unfortunately I got a phone call today to say the logic board needs to be replaced and the issue is nothing to do with nVidia. This will cost €1,350 ex.VAT to fix. I cannot believe that a laptop from Apple that costs €2,500 can only last 4 years. I've noticed this laptop would get quite hot sometimes during usage, I want my laptop back as its something I use alot but its alot of money. If I was to fork that sort of money on another Macbook am I likely to run into this issue again? Possibly. I've read alot of forums with people running into similar problems. I do like Apple products and considered them a producer of good quality products but after discussing this with a number of people I'm starting to see alot of flaws. I hope this issue is fixed in future products.

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.5.8)