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  • William Boyd, Jr. Level 6 (10,515 points)

    The list of Apple hardware that it no longer supports is long.  I'm sure that to Apple the decision to stop supporting that modem wasn't arbitrary but was based on an economic analysis that concluded that continuing to support a device that Apple apparently hasn't sold for a while didn't make sense.  Why don't you just buy one of the other inexpensive modems mentioned in this thread and get on with your life?

  • graphico Level 1 (10 points)

    Some of the other modems mentioned in this thread stopped working as Apple updates the OS X I found it easier to run a separate virtual OS and use most any moden I want. My next computer wiull be my own build, running a dual boot Linux/Windows system With OS X running in virtual mode.

  • Tjubb4 Level 1 (0 points)

    The speed and all the extras of Lion are worth the old modem not working. I went to Best Buy and bought the zoom modem for a low price and it works flawlessly. Dont be mad at Apple for moving forward, And if you want to run windows or Linux make your Mac Dual Boot, install Boot Camp and a Copy of windows and away you go... I personally wouldnt install windows on my Garbage can... Its garbage... But best of luck!!

  • PeteinToronto Level 1 (0 points)

    Sure I can spend more money.  It doesn't explain why I have to search for the answer to why something stops working on my Mac, particularly when it is Apple hardware that worked 100% the last time I used it.  Sure I can run out an spend a couple of hours buying a 3rd party peace of hardware to replace an Apple original part. Sure I have tones of time for this stuff... this is why I switch to Apple from PC, to avoid this BS.  I pay a premium to Apple so that thing just work, if this is the attitude, I may as well go to Lynx and deal with the issues, but save the money.

  • Tjubb4 Level 1 (0 points)

    When is the last time Apple sold the USB Modem ?

  • PeteinToronto Level 1 (0 points)



    I will try that, I have a PC only fax modem that I will try.



  • William Boyd, Jr. Level 6 (10,515 points)

    If you want to assure that everything on your Mac will continue to work, then you must never upgrade any hardware or software.

  • PeteinToronto Level 1 (0 points)

    Ya you are right... it is my fault.  I am the moron that purchased it... you are correct.

  • William Boyd, Jr. Level 6 (10,515 points)

    According to Wikipedia, as of September 2009 it was "no longer available in the US Apple Store".

  • PeteinToronto Level 1 (0 points)

    Just to be clear, Apple can and will stop support for items as it sees fit. But why would an unsupported device still be in my list of available devices in my OS? Why do I have to search these user groups and rely on the support of others like yourselves to give me the correct answers? Why does their own FAQ only have a simple note in it that says it is no longer supported, in Lion, after it recommends 32bit... which I tried first.


    It is just such poor conveyance of an simple issue that if it said "Sorry we no longer support this modem in Lion…" when I plugged it in, vs. an error message that say "You cannot use an Apple USB Modem with this computer." which looks like a configuration issue when it is an Apple computer issue after all.


    Lastly, why was this not blatantly obvious to ever person in this blog, that when they upgraded to Lion, a key piece of hardware, known to their system configuration, would no longer work if they continued the upgrade. This should have been clear in the update files, and on the Apple website when I started looking this issue up. Clearly, this issue has affected a lot of people based on the number of hits to it on Google.

  • lawlist Level 1 (0 points)

    I have also spent a great deal of time on this issue, and have even considered downgrading my OS to 10.6.7, because 10.6.8 updates and forward preclude use of the Apple modem.  I became accustomed to hearing the fax going through, and hearing any problems such as a busy signal and/or the wrong number (where some keeps answering the phone and saying "hello ... hello ... HELLO!!! ... THIS IS NOT A FAX LINE !!!!").  The Zoom USB modem does not provide any sound, which is a partial solution but not a complete solution.


    When Steve Jobs was alive, I sent a yearly Christmas wish list of praises, complaints and constructive criticism.  I didn't send it this past year for obvious reasons.  His secretary / customer service supervisor called me back and spent a considerable amount of time discussing my issues over the telephone.  I will send a new Christmas wish list to the current CEO this year, and the inability to fax will be on the list.  I would ideally like to see a PCI Express modem for the Mac.


    There are several areas of business professionals that still use faxes:  attorneys, courts / judges, some pharmacies, some doctor, etc.  It doesn't make complete sense to only design a computer system for the masses -- e.g., music, low-budget home video, etc.

  • graphico Level 1 (10 points)

    Thre's is really no reason for me to contnue to use OS X any longer with linux covering nearly all my needs.

  • Tom Cassel Level 1 (95 points)

    Here's a new twist. I can't seem to send or recieve faxes with the non-Apple brand USB modem mentioned here.

    I know it worked in earlier versions of OS X 10.7.x but in 10.7.4 it doesn't appear to work. It just hangs at 'Dialing' and does not answer the phone on incoming calls. I tried rebooting and removing & readding the Fax Modem in System Prefs with no success.

    Has anyone else seen this issue? I'm not sure it's 10.7.4, but I know it worked in 10.7.0!

  • sydneyfromyowie bay Level 1 (5 points)


    Like you I have had  helluva lot of trouble getting my fax working with OS X 10.7.4. The USRobotics wouldnt work didnt matter what I did.  Zoom 3095 works provided you ignore the instructions from Zoomtel and simply add it in the printers with a new name eg Modem25 and not attempt to configure it in "network".  Have you tried all the obvious like checking the cable and connections (sorry!) and if faxing a Word doc do not send from the FAX INFORMATION" page but after adding fax number go to "COPIES AND PAGES" and send.

    Would like to hear from somebody who has worked out the trick for getting USRobotics to work, it may be they sent me a dead dongle.

  • graphico Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes Tom, mine stopped working after upgrading to 10.7.4. I keep a Snow Leopad version just for faxing. What BS.

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