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My non-profit business database has been on Appleworks forever! Mainly that means names and addresses and record of monthly contributions, from which I send a mail merge letter of acknowledgement to contributors each month. Now I have read that Appleworks will not work on Lion. If I understand correctly, Bento can’t do mail merge with auto fill-in of addresses and other personalized info. So what can I transfer all this info to? And HOW will I transfer years of records on my Appleworks database?

iMac Intel, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Bite the bullet...export to a generic format, import to Numbers and rework as needed.


    Bento is not ready....

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    There is nothing other than AppleWorks that can open AppleWorks database documents. Database data can be copied & pasted into an AppleWorks spreadsheet, saved & opened in Numbers or saved as ASCII/plain text & opened in most any spreadsheet, database or word processing program.


    I've converted almost all of my AppleWorks databases to Numbers spreadsheets. There are a couple that I've moved the data but they really need the database. I do have the option of using AppleWorks 6.2.2 for Windows in Parallels but that may not be an option for many users.


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    The only program with anything like the functionality of the AppleWorks database is FileMaker Pro. It's expensive, and has a steep learning curve, but can do almost anything the AW database can plus a good deal more. It's also pretty well the industry standard so it's not likely to go away.


    However it can't import AW dateabases; you have to export them as ASCII text and import that, which means you will have to recreate layouts and calculation fields.


    Please see this page:;



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    Filemaker is expensive. Is the $299 version acceptable?