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Hi. I have 24 iPads here that I have to set up, and configure. I have done the config using iPhone Configuration Utility, and that has worked fine. Now I need to install the same set of applications across all 24 iPad devices, for use by 24 different people. How should I go about purchasing them, in terms of my Apple ID? Clearly I cannot use my personal, home-use Apple ID. Do I make 1, or 24 Apple IDs for this? Is there a special "Corporate Apple ID?" Thanks!

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
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    Why do you say you can not use your personal Apple ID?

  • raymondu999 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Because these iPads are to be rolled out at the enterprise level in a multinational bank (I can't state the name). If I ever leave the company, what then? Then they would have to redo all the Apple IDs.

  • markfromyucaipa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    If that's the problem then why don't you just make an Apple ID under a company billing adress, or buy the song VIA iTunes Store Credit, like going out and buying a $100 iTunes Gift Card. That way, no billing information is to be stored on that account and you can still use it to install the "app" you are going to use on the 24 iPads. And if you do happen to leave the company there would be no further connection to yourself in any of the accounts (iTunes or Billing)?

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    You can also try "gifting" the apps to the various device users...though with 24 different devices( and users) this would not be particularly fun...

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    I have to say, if Apple is serious about extending to the Enterprise (and i dont know if they are trying or not), it is remarkable if there is no corporate account system for Apple ID / iTunes accounts!

  • SombreSire Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Maybe the new App Store Volume Purchase Program for Business will help you.

    You can find more info here :



  • DodgeChallenger Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I am facing the same question. And the Volume Purchase Program doesn't help answer the question concerning the way to setup ID's  i.e.  1 ID to be used on all devices, or 24 different ID's. 



    The replies above suggesting "gifting" or iTunes gift cards are not very helpful, and actually don't even address whether to use 1 ID or 24 ID's. 

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    I have this same question and also the VPP does not apply to me as I am outside the USA.  I would appreciate an answer if anyone has it. 


    I too am very disappointed that Apple does not offer clear guidelines.  I am having to spend a lot of time researching and I have to admit that I am regretting "pushing" for the project I am working on   Having previously worked in schools in the USA, I can imagine that this is a nightmare for school techonology facilitators as well, having limited resources and time.

  • Timo Ruohomaki Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    I assume there is still no resolution on this one? The issue of not being able to have an enterprise AppleID is preventing us to do some other things as well: as an example, we cannot upgrade to Lion because the Lion licenses are connected with the AppleID and we cannot manage the AppleCare registrations enterprise-wide. This is ridiculous! And yes, it would also be nice to purchase licenses for all the iPads and iPhones at the same time. For some reason, the VPP is still restricted to US companies with a valid D-U-N-S -number.

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    I don't care if apple doesn't want to grow, but I do hold it against them that they first enable you to embrace Apple products and than deny possible growth, not only to themselves.


    This attitude of Apple has more than once driven me to take other systems (non-Apple) into account.

  • Mark23 Level 3 Level 3 (975 points)

    Apple is just so incredibly far ahead of it's competition IMHO that companies will adapt to their supplier instead of the other way around. It's best for Apple if they keep it like that, I think.


    Apple thinks from the consumer or end-user (give it a name), those who have to work with the stuff and I love Apple for that - we all do, don't we?


    Apple has gotten Business accounts for purchasing, but I heven't tried that yet.

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    Has anyone come up with an answer for this? I'm facing the same issue at my company.

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    You must be in the United States and you must use the VPP program linked above by SombreSire.  You have the option of having a single corporate iTunes account for all iPads (which would be your best choice since you only need to roll out 24), or creating a couple corporate iTunes accounts (if you have a large number of iPads to roll out to different groups requiring different iPad apps).  If you are buying the charge station which charges up to 20 iPads, you could set up one corporate iTunes account per charge station to cover the 20 iPads it charges.


    Standard iTunes accounts are only authorized for use by individuals.  While I'm sure you could set one up for yourself and manage 24 iPad accounts, this would be in violation of the standard iTunes account agreement.  Unfortunately, if you are outside the US, you are not allowed to take part in the VPP so you have no "legal" solution to your problem of managing multiple iPads.

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    What we ended up doing was let all our users use their own Apple ID, then used VPP to purchase the apps, and give the users the codes to download the apps. 


    I also setup a generic company email address used soley for the VPP Apple ID. 

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