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I am looking forward to the new Lion upgrade and the ability to encrypt my entire drive with FileVault 2.  However, I also want to have a Bootcamp partition with Windows 7.  Will the new FileVault 2 allow me to encrypt both the Windows 7 and Lion partitions?

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    Until Lion is released to the public nobody except Apple knows for sure.


    Personally I doubt that FileVault can be used with Windows partitions:


    1. FileVault is too deeply tied to the MacOS Extended (Journaled) filesystem and Windows uses/needs a different one (NTFS).


    2. Right now OSX can only read from NTFS partitions not write to them, which would be needed for encryption.


    Maybe wanna look more into TrueCrypt http://www.truecrypt.org/



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    Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate also come full drive encryption (it was there in vista but I wouldn't recommend vista to anyone). It's called Bitlocker and works pretty well. The only downside is your stuck with the password or usb key authentication as most Macs lack a TPM.

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    I upgraded on 7/20, and my Windows 7 Bootcamp partition was fine.  However, I then turned on FileVault and now my Win7 crashes with a cache error ever time I run it outside of safe mode.  I wouldn't recommend FileVault if you use Bootcamp.

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    By no means would I guess there aren't bugs in the boot camp and filevault stuff, but for my configuration I have both boot camp and filevault2 working. That said, my windows partition is not encrypted.I will not that I added my boot camp partition after flattening the drive to do a clean install of Lion. The order for me was as follows:


    1) Repartition to 1 partition

    2) Install lion

    3) Partition with bootcamp and install windows

    4) Set up Filevault 2

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    I'm sure it works on a clean install, but when just upgrading without deleting your existing partitions, it does not.  Shame, I wanted to encrypt without reinstalling...

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    Yeah, the '.0' versions always have a few big bugs. Looks like you've hit one. I'm recommending to my 'rents not to upgrade until 10.7.1. Out of curiosity, did you try the Windows repair utility after booting up off Windows 7 disk?

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    I've always been a upgrade the day of kind of guy, but this is the first time it backfired completely for me.


    I never got a chance to run the utility, since Win7 just kept crashing.  Sometime I'd make it a few minutes, then it would crash as soon as I tried to open a program.  You can boot to safe mode, but it didn't detect any problems in safe mode

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    This is from Notebook Review and seems to solve the bootcamp and FileVault2 problem in Lion. Note: I had trouble installing Windows 7 Professional in Bootcamp AFTER having already enable FileVault2, which got me to do some searching.


    If you are doing a new Windows install into bootcamp, whether or not your OS X installation is a fresh install of Lion or an upgrade from Snow Leopard, the key seems to be to have FileVault OFF, then install Windows, then install the Windows Support Software (aka bootcamp drivers that you burned or copied during bootcamp assistant) into Windows (this installs the latest bootcamp 4.0 drivers into Windows--remember Windows mounts the FileVault encrypted HFS+ volume of OS X when using Bootcamp), then make sure you can boot into either operating system, then finally turn on FileVault 2 in OS X, then make sure you can boot into both operating systems once more.


    The link describes what to do if your getting blue screens in Windows, or reboots, or if you can only start Windows in Safe Mode. YOU NEED TO INSTALL THE LATEST BOOTCAMP DRIVERS INTO WINDOWS TO STOP THE BLUE SCREENS, follow directions on the link.


    http://forum.notebookreview.com/apple-mac-os-x/597574-boot-camp-filevault-2-lion -watch-out.html

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    "I upgraded on 7/20, and my Windows 7 Bootcamp partition was fine.  However, I then turned on FileVault and now my Win7 crashes with a cache error ever time I run it outside of safe mode.  I wouldn't recommend FileVault if you use Bootcamp."


    Same with me. I am just decrypting again. Hopefully my BootCamp works again tomorrow. Lost one work day because of this ****.

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    I received my MBP yesterday for work and created a windows partition for those days where I might need it.  I downloaded and installed PGP.. which turned out to be a nightmare and TSupport was able to help.


    After I reinstalled Lion, repartitioned and installed Windows 7, I ran FileVault.  I came in this morning and looked.. everything is working, but the bootcamp partition is not encrypted.  Can I specify FileVault to do that one too?


    Thanks in advance.



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    Can I download the new MBP to snow leopard?  I need the disk encryption next week.. then I can upgrade back.  I was going to use the symantec pgp as it is certified for my needs.


    there doesn't seem to be the ability to truly encrypt the whole thing with lion filevault and pgp aint ready yet.  Thoughts?

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    I meant install.. I already have Snow leopard.