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Is anyone in this community having difficult using the Netflix WEBSITE (via their browser) to access their Queue information on either their iPhone4 or iPad2?  Problems including screen won't scroll - screen freezes - no display of title description - etc. is occurring almost consistently.  I am NOT referring to the app itself, nor the ability to stream a movie, but only being able to go into Netflix website via Safari.  I.e., I can't manage my queue or view movie descriptions, etc.  This is happening to me on BOTH my iphone and ipad.  ??????

iPad 2
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    You will absolutely have problems accessing Netflix through Safari on iPad.  BUT.......if you go to the App Store, you can download the Netflix app in a matter of moments (it's free), login to your account and enjoy......

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    No - that is not a solution - the Netflix "App" does not allow you to manage your queue - I want to move sequence, see movie descriptions, etc.  All the app does is allow you to view instant plays (streaming). 


    THe best response so far was to download a separate Netflix management app that does this as a separate app.  Is that the only solution out there? 

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    If there is such an app, I'm not aware of it.  When I open Netflix on my iPad, there is an Instant Queue button on the bottom.  That let's me add to my queue to save titles.  If you need more options, I'm not sure how to help you.  You won't be able to do what you want via Safari. 

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    Search for the app "IQFREE" or just search for Netflix and it will come up as one of several options.  It is an iphone app but also works for the IPad.  It allows you to manage your queue, similar to what you can do on your computer.  From what I can read on the boards, the bigger your queue is, the more the regular Netflix app that just lists your queue freezes up. 

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    I'm having the same problem. I cannot scroll down, delete, update, etc on my DVD queue using Safari or ichromy. The Netflix app that's available is only for instant viewing and managing instant queue. Frustrating!!! Anyone figured a way around it.

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    I am having this problem on iPad (original). I had been going to the Wii version of the Netflix website. Used to work fine, now there are scrolling problems and freezes. And as others have said, in order so manage my Queue, I have to use the web browser. Can not use the app anymore.

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    Called Netflix customer service. Of course they are blaming Apple, and of course Apple will blame Netflix. Sigh...

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    I have no idea why netflix does not boher to support their site for safari, but I downloaded the iQueue app mentioned in this discussion and it worked perfectly. You can fully manage tour DVD queue from your iPhone. Netflix seems to have split into two companies, streaming and DVD and they do not colaborate.