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Here is my problem. Currently my itunes is loaded on a laptop running winXP. However some changes were made to the laptop by my dad for his work so now when I plug in the ipod it does not get recognized by the os and itunes does not start. iTunes 5 is running on that laptop

Now however, I want to use a desktop for my itunes so that it is only used for my itunes. It is runing winXP and itunes 5 as well.

So......how do I get verything transferred to the desktop?? I read in the support section about changing some settings to allow me to use the ipod to do thi transfer, but since I cannot get the os on the laptop to see the ipod I cannot make those changes. Help??

Windows XP
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    If you connect or network the PC and Laptop then you can use the procedure for moving your iTunes folder: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301748 Check your Windows manual for instructions on connecting the two PCs.
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    How to Copy and Move your Music Files from One Computer to Another Buegie

    This is the conceptual framework with related and important links. Apply and adapt it to your specific situation and equipment resources.

    The safest, quickest, and most optimal method to move your Library to a new computer is to actually clone the entire ‘iTunes’ folder (directory) structure, rather than just copying just the song files. By copying the entire ‘iTunes’ folder and all sub-folders, you capture not only the music files, but the all-important ‘iTunes Library.itl’ database file (usually located in the ‘iTunes’ folder), which contains all the data about your songs (Playlists, Ratings, Play Counts, Last Played, Date Added, etc). See: What are the iTunes Library files?

    Install iTunes on the new computer. Then go back to your old computer and move (copy) the "iTunes" folder which usually resides inside your "…\My Documents\My Music" folder from the old computer to the exact same place (both Drive Letter and complete Path) on the new computer. When you open iTunes on the new computer it will look and behave exactly the same way it did on the old, Play Counts, Ratings, Comments and all!

    NOTE: It is usually safer moving files between computers with the same version of iTunes!!

    Here's a list of methods to copy and move your music files from one computer to another:

    1) Use an External Hard Drive (ExHD) to move the complete files and Folder structures from one computer to another (my preferred option). You can clone’ the entire ‘iTunes’ folder structure in one very easy step. Also great to have available for complete backups of your Library. External hard drives now run less than $100 for 200-250GBs of storage. See This Link

    2) Directly connect the two computers....
    - 2a) Connect them through a Router &/or Network
    - 2b) Directly connect using an Ethernet cable: Straight for using at least one Mac; or Crossover for PC/PC Instructions here.
    - 2c) Connect them via a USB-to-USB Network Bridge. Example here. There are various types out there (use Google).
    ....Then copy the files from one computer to the other.

    3) Use the iPod as a transfer device, as this extensive Apple link explains. It will be a bit easier if your iPod has a larger capacity than your music collection, otherwise you will need to perform multiple copy/move transfers. This well written process also works fine while using any other data transfer medium (ExHD, Flash Drive, DVD, CD, Zipp, Jazz, etc.).

    4) Burn several DVDs (at 4.7GBs each) with your music data files and folder structure, and load them onto the new computer. Re-writable DVDs are more cost effective (if your DVD drive can manage these types).

    5) Burn 6x more on CDs (at 700MB each) than in #4 above and load the files and folders on the new computer. Re-writable CDs are more cost effective (if your CD drive can manage these types).

    6) Use a larger USB Flash drive (1GB - 4GB) to move the files and folders. Best if the flash drive is larger than your Library, otherwise you will need multiple copy/move transfers.

    These are links to various additional instructions on performing the transfer (read them all, but some listed steps may not be required depending on your specific situation):
    Switch from PC to Mac Using the iPod
    hudgie: Migrating iTunes for Windows to a new PC
    How to copy music between authorized computers