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I will start off by apologizing if the answer to my question is located elsewhere.  I was unable to find a thread that addressed my entire question.  The general question I have will be what will be associated with the iCloud ID and what will be associated with the Apple ID?  There are currently six Apple products in our home: two iPhone 4's, two iPads, a MacBook and an iMac.  I will address the issues below which I think may be impacted multi-user, multi-device households like ours, depending on which services are attached to which ID.


1. iTunes, iTunes Match, iBooks, Newstand, App Store - in a perfect world, only these items will all be attached to the Apple ID.  My wife and I currently use one Apple ID for our purchases and would prefer to conitune to do so.


2. iMessage - I presume this will be based on the iCloud ID?  If someone sends my wife an iMessage, I want it to come to her iPhone and her iPad.  I don't want to see her messages on mine, and vice versa.  If this feature is associated with the Apple ID, one would think you would see them on all four devices.


3. GameCenter - Same issue as iMessage, I would hope it is attached to the iCloud ID so our friends\game results stay seperate.


4. Safari - Reading list.  Hopefully this is iCloud.


6. Photo Stream - everything I have read says this will be part of iCloud, so that service will be kept seperate.  However...


5. Wifi Sync - No clue what will happen here.  We have one Apple ID that is used on both Mac computers.  Will both of our iPhones and iPads sync to both computers? The iOS5 description on Apple.com lists everything it syncs, which includes photos.  Does that mean local photos on our phones or is Photo Stream also a part of the sync?  Or will it be just be backing up the pictures stored locally on a specific iDevice?  Who knows, hopefully we will be able to keep the pictures on our phones seperate.


If anyone can shed some light on these issues, it would be greatly appreciated.  Hopefully, one ID for purchases, and another for everything else, similar to MobileMe, will continue to be the way things are handled.


Thanks in advance for any help or advice you provide.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    Brad,  iCloud is still in beta, and many of the answers are not known.  Pls consult this support document:  http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1103

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    Maybe not exactly what you're asking, but close:




    If I use different accounts for iTunes and MobileMe, can I merge them into a single account and use it with iCloud?

    No. You cannot merge two accounts into one. However, you will be able to move your MobileMe account (yourname@me.com) to iCloud and, if you choose, you can continue to use a different iTunes account for store purchases and iTunes in the Cloud.

    Can Family Pack members move their MobileMe accounts separately to iCloud?

    Yes. The master account holder and each family member can move their individual accounts whenever they like, as long as they do so before June 30, 2012.

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    What I would like to know is what happens to those of us who share one AppleID and want to use the iCloud function to sync our contacts and calendars but keep separate sets of contacts and calendars???


    My wife and I share an ID for iTunes purchases which we share over home sharing.  But we have different sets of contacts and calendars for business purposes.  Right now I sync via mobileme and she syncs via iTunes.  Hopefully -- like mobileme -- there will be an opt out button for certain devices in the iCloud under the same AppleID.  So when she makes a purchase it goes to all our phones, ipods and imacs.  And when I add a contact it only goes to the devices and imacs I choose it to go to.  BUT she should be able to add a contact on her phone and have it show up on her computer.


    This might become a cluster.  I cannot be the only person out ther operating this way.

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    i am pretty sure you can still have different icloud id but i am guessing. lets hope for the best come wednesday

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    I sure hope this doesn't become a cluster as you're not alone in this...

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    What thing I have noticed, playing with the iMessage app is that you can associate a different email address with it, just like Facetime.

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    I am having the exact same issue and am pulling my hair out trying to figure it out....so much for Apple being easy!! 


    We have two iphones, macbookpro, mac, and ipad and ipad2.  My catch is the ipads and imessage. I have no issue at all with how we have everything set up right now and how we share everything under one Appleid.  The problem I have, is with iMessage......I want her iPad to get HER iMessage/texts........and I want my iPad to get mine only.  In other words...I want to be able to seemlessly imessage fromiPads to iPhones to each other when we wish and not have to send it to her "email".  I want to send it to her "phone number".

    Does that make sense?  Really frustrated here at this point.  Seems silly that we would have to have totally different setups now, cause I don't want to have to redo all of the contacts for her because we have to set up multiple iCloud accounts in order to use iMessage to each other.


    I have got to be making this more difficult than it actually is.  Just have to be.  Why can't a device have two iCloud accounts?

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    So after hours of screwing aroudn with things, if it helps anyone, the only solution I came up with is....


    The Mac and the MacBook Pro share everything...the iPad and iPhone each have to be set up on their own, and anything you want share with one another, you have to share it just like you would with someone that was not on the same AppleID or house.  yes...all our apps and music and stuff is sharing through the ID, but calendars and contacts are not.


    Everything in the address books on the computers is doubled due to two iCloud accounts andI could not find a way to resolve.  If you Invite one another to a iCal Event, it will be singular on you devices, but duplicated on the computers.


    It also took a while, but I was finally able to get the iPad and Iphone synced up in iMessage to accomplish what I was trying to accomplish without it having two conversations going at once.


    I guess they just assume that househoulds don't share their computers?  I hate duplicates!!!

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    This is unacceptable.  Apple has got to come up with a better fix.