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Downloaded software, but have not activated it yet. Initial scan came back with problems detected. Is this thing legit

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Allan Eckert Level 8 Level 8 (45,450 points)

    I say no.


    I have had to repaired the damages that it did for a friend whose Mac I help to support.


    It does nothing that can't be done much more safely with utilities that are free.


    Half the stuff it wants you to do such as cleaning out caches in actually fact slow your Mac down.


    I would stay as far away from MacKeeper as you can.


    IMHO it is hack of the worst kind, pure and simple.


    P.S. If you have already installed it and having done a scan sounds like you have, DON'T attempt to uninstall it by deleting it. Download the uninstaller instead. If you attempt to get rid of it any other way it will leave bits and pieces behind to haunt you with all kinds of weird problems.



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    If you look at MacUpdate (a Mac software downloads site) you'll find the reviews are uniformly bad.

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    Where can I get the uninstaller? Can you post a link?

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    Whatever you do don't use the uninstaller from Zeobit. It will only make things worst.


    While looking up the URL for you I found that that site I normal recommend is now under and injunction and has had to shutdown their site until that is resolved. It looks like Zeobit might be getting serious here and attempting to shutdown sites that are anti-MacKeeper.


    I did find directions here




    Good luck at removing this crud from you Mac.



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    Instead of the way you asked your question, the way I would answer it is that Zeobit could not pay ME enough to install their crap on my Mac.


    Does that give you any idea as to where I stand on this?



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    it will make your mac drifting dead in cyber space!!! and no one can hear you scream!!!