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Dear Apple Support Community,



I want to know how much space does the iOS takes (installed) on a default iPhone 4 for all it's versions (eg. latest iOS 3, latest iOS 4 and iOS 5).


Watching the 2011 WWDC keynote on iOS 5, you will see a handful of new functionalities being added that will take the user experience even further, which is great!


But if you have minimum technical background, you know that more features means more lines of code, and this WILL take some extra space on your device. Also, iOS is an ever-changing product distributed over the web, but the iPhones have always the same hard-fixed ammount of storage space (only changes if you buy a new device).


This is what I'm looking for:


iOS 3.5.1 -> 1,2 Gb

iOS 4.3.3 -> 2,1 Gb

iOS 5.0.0 -> 2,9 Gb


** those are fictitious values, most probably not the actual ones **


Important: I'm just curious about it, I don't find this being a big issue as 16 or 32 gb of space is pretty much. Even if the OS takes 2~3 gigs out of it, there's still plenty space for everything you need on the go.


Thank you very much!!

iPhone 4